Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Make Tons Of Money With The Right Niche

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 I have read websites time and time again that promise to make thousands of dollars with a certain niche. Well the honest truth is it's not going to be that easy. Yes you can create a free blog or create a free website with wix.com or weebly.com and you may make some spare change or nothing at all. It basically will come down to the fact that you will have to put in lots of time and effort. It will also take time to get the traffic to your website and then who knows if you will make a sale.
Click Here For Excellent Training On Affiliate Marketing Most of the time I have found that most of these websites are just putting out useless information to get you to buy something they promote. This seems especially true with most youtube videos. Yes the youtube videos have ads that pop up intermittently as the video plays along. Most of them will meander on and on until the end where the individual makes a pitch for a website or program that costs money. You will just find that you are wasting your time, when you could have put it to better use.
 Now there are some honest people out there that are sincerely trying to help others. They may be far and few between, but they are there. Unfortunately you will just have to sit back, listen and watch their video. There is another approach to trying to make money with your website or blog. My advise is to purchase some books on affiliate marketing from well known authors and do some learning. I would look for the books with good ratings and plenty of reviews. This way you know you are getting some good help.
 When picking a niche, make sure it's something you have used or know alot about. That's what I do, for example I have blogs and websites on ham radio, since I have my general ham radio license and am working on my extra ham radio license. This way you have some passion about the niche and it will show in your writing of context on the pages. Try to help people in any way possible, because we are all looking for help.
 Once again, you won't get rich overnight unless you are really lucky. Make multiple websites on different niches and see how they do. If they do nothing, then change something and try again. I would also not pick a niche that has tons of competition. You will find that you have to do something extraordinary to get people to your website or blog. Most of all just learn to have fun with it and you will find that the road becomes much easier to travel upon.
 Thank You for stopping by and have fun.

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