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Make Tons Of Money With The Right Niche

I have read websites time and time again that promise to make thousands of dollars with a certain niche. Well the honest truth is it's not going to be that easy. Yes you can create a free blog or create a free website with or and you may make some spare change or nothing at all. It basically will come down to the fact that you will have to put in lots of time and effort. It will also take time to get the traffic to your website and then who knows if you will make a sale.
 Most of the time I have found that most of these websites are just putting out useless information to get you to buy something they promote. This seems especially true with most youtube videos. Yes the youtube videos have ads that pop up intermittently as the video plays along. Most of them will meander on and on until the end where the individual makes a pitch for a website or program that costs money. You will just find that you are wasting your time, when you could have put it to better use…