Monday, February 27, 2017

How To Make Money Blogging

 Well it's 2017 and there are still tons of people out here in the internet blogging. Almost everyone of us will be monetizing our blogs in one way or another. If you ask me do I make tons of money off my blogs, the answer to that would be no. Yes that is true I do not make much money, but I do the satisfaction of possibly helping someone in one way or another.
 I have a number of different free websites that I created with and . I am getting some traffic to those sights and that's okay. I feel it's all a learning process. I know I can hold my head up high and truly same I am being nothing but honest. Who knows maybe one day I may just create that one website that people just love and will keep coming back for more.
 The main object is to write a blog or make a website on a subject you are familiar with. When you do this most of the time you won't have any problem with writing your blog. It's funny when you search for a video on a subject such as learning seo or search engine optimization you will see tons of videos. Some of them will be just out to get you to buy into some website to get tons of traffic. It is okay if you have the money and want to go that route. For myself, my funds are limited and I will stick to the way I am and have been writing my blogs.
 Thanks For stopping by and never give up.


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