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Getting Traffic To Your Blog Can Be Tough

 One of the hardest things to do is get the traffic to your blog. One of the ways to achieve getting traffic is by using social media. This can be done by using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. There other forms of social media that you can use, but just make sure you are not spamming. That is definitely a no no when it comes to social media and you will get kicked off.

 Now if you are looking for another way of getting traffic try using a hosted website. I have been building some websites with WIX and WEEBLY. I am building a free website that is associated with the same topic as my other blogs. I then set it up with some good content and build upon it. I am also choosing to blog on them as well and that way hopefully they will be seen by google and others. The next thing I am doing is putting a button on them and placing a link to my other blogs. This way people can travel back and forth.
 What I also doing is using bitly, tinyurl and  socialoomph to put out tweets with twitter a…