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Give Clickbank A Try

Clickbank is just another way of putting ads on your website or blog for someone to click on if interested. If you decide to do this I would only use one or two ads at a time. You do not want to come across as that is all your trying to do. If money is your main goal I am sure people will go the other way. Then at that point you are not going to have any chances of making money. Plus you may lose all your loyal readers.
 Yes your first goal is too put out some good content. That content should help the reader in some way. It can be a how to type of post, a review on a product or just information that may provide help with a computer problem for example. Okay so below is an example of how I make some of my clickbank ads. I also try to gear the clickbank ad towards what my niche and post are about. That way it may provide some useful information and that's what it's all about.

 What nice is at clickbank you can view all kinds of ads, so you find one that fits your niche. Once a…

Work On That Content For Your Niche Post

Don't try and rush things when you work on your post for your niche. Take your time and read it a few times to make sure it makes sense. I know my self I get an idea and I just want to get it done as fast as possible so I get it published. Well lately I have found that if I take my time and think about it my post comes out better and makes it better for the person who is reading it.
 I have found that if I write some things down, go away and work on it a few days later I may see how I can move things around on the page to make it look better. Maybe I may find a few pictures to add or maybe a video or two that add to the content. There are all sorts of things you can do to keep someone interested in what you are doing. Put yourself in the place of the reader. In other words would like to read what you have written.
 For Gods sake use a sense of humor sometimes in what you are writing. We have all done some crazy things in our life. I can remember when I was standing on a ladder s…

Don't Over Monetize Your Blog

One thing I would recommend is not to over monetize your blog. You see you do not want to take away from the reason you are writing your blog in the first place. What I like to do is have a few different blogs on different topics. Then I try to utilize the various types of monetizing with the topic or niche. if you do too much monetizing on your blog you could get hit with spamming and your blog could be locked.
 Okay so what are the various types of monetizing that you may be able to do. You may use Amazon Affiliate and Adsense Ads. Sometimes I may put some of the Amazon Ads for items associated with the Niche at the base of the post. This way the reader can see some items and have the chance to search for more if desired. The other item I ad are at least three adsense ads. You can place them where you want, but it is a good idea to place them in areas where they may be clicked on. Certain areas are shown to be better than others. You can read about this on the internet and I would…