Saturday, December 24, 2016

How To Monetize A Blog Without Adsense

 It seems as though most of us want to put adsense ads on our blogs. Well the truth is you don't to put them on your blog unless you want to. I would advise leaving them off until your blog picks up in traffic. You see if you don't have the traffic who is going to click on the ad. You yourself can not click on the ad or you will be dropped from adsense.
 So what kind of ads should you put on your fairly new blog. I would suggest that you could put a amazon affiliate ad on your blog or a amazon astore if you are trying to sell some kind of product. Once again all sales revolve around the traffic. So your main concern should be twofold. First concentrate on writing really good content that has to do with your blog. Second work on getting your blog seen, so people may come and see your blog. Once traffic flow is achieved, them maybe add one or two adsense ads to your blog if you desire.
 You see these types of ads are click type ads. In other words you make money when someone clicks on the ad. So therefore no traffic equals no clicks and no clicks equal no money. Besides your main goal of your blog should be to put out relevant content to help the reader in some way. Once readers see that you are trying to help them with good information, they will tell others and then the traffic will pick up.
 Now you can advertise your blog on various social networks like twitter and facebook. Just don't keep plastering it out there or you will get hit with spamming and you will lose your account. So maybe put out an interesting tweet and add your blog address. Maybe start a few facebook pages associated with your niche and put your website blog address on there with a post. Just remember is takes time unless you happen to be the lucky one, but that is few and far between.
 Thank You for stopping by and have fun.

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