Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Holidays Are Coming

 Sometimes you may have to base your blog or website at a certain time of the year. In other words if it thanksgiving pick items to sell based on thanksgiving. The next big holiday is obviously Christmas and that means lots of choices for gifts. I would suggest to see what is trending at places like amazon and ebay. Find a product that is similar to what you blog is about. For example if you are a survivalist put a few ads or links up for survivor type items. Just remember not to overload it.
 Another idea to try is to send out some rss feeds. Generally I look for the items that are closest to my wix and weebly websites. I create an rss feed with ebay and then send it out using something like Bitly. These are sent out on multiple twitter accounts at the same time. I also try to include my website addresses in the tweet. Just remember with twitter you only have so many characters to work with, so make it work for you. Also do not bombard twitter with lots of tweets or you may be removed due to spamming.
 Always remember to be mindful of your audience. In other words besides the links remember to put out some really good content. Maybe use your blog address to direct traffic back to your blog or website or both. Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays. 

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