Saturday, October 29, 2016

3 Things You Need Content Content Content

 When writing your blog make sure to have plenty of good content. If you just shove a bunch of junk on a page your readers will get bored, leave and never come back. If they spread the bad word about your website you might as well cash in your chips and start over. Give your readers something good and interesting to read about. I would also try to add a little humor in your post. When people laugh it makes them happy and they will want to come back for more.
 Most of all don't put too many ads or banners on your website. If you do that it will give your readers the impression that all you care about is trying to get the almighty buck. If you have a webstore in mind why not make a free website with or . Then you can put a few links to your website in your post or off to the side of the post. You may also put a link to your blog on your other website. This way you keep the two way traffic going and that helps in the ranks.
 Most of all don't give up. I myself have thought from time to time about stopping with some of my blogs or websites. I thought about it and then said nah !!! , I will just keep going.

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