Saturday, May 7, 2016

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

 In today's world people are trying many different ways to make money or they are trying to make a career at it.One of the most popular affiliate marketing websites is clickbank. These are all digital ads that take you to a website that explains or promotes what the product is. Now one issue that does come up is that some of these places may be a scam type of sale. One of the most popular that I have seen so far is the survey type of ad. They put out a video, lots of data and sometimes a video. Now not all of these are scams and it is up to the viewer of buyer to determine if it looks too good to be true.
 One thing I have done is view the ad before promoting it. The next thing I do and would suggest anyone to do is use google as the search browser. Type in the name of the ad or place that puts the ad out and do a search. Chances are you will find reviews that are good or bad. Then you can determine whether you should pursue it as a means to make some extra money. I would also say that not all reviews are legitimate as well. I have seen where someone tries the survey site, does not do well and then puts out a bad review. So you have to be very careful as to what you choose.
 One key main factor to look for is if they want you to pay money for some reason. They may also want you to provide all kinds of information. One popular item they may push is to join a membership and pay a fee. That may be a sure something is up or they want your money. Do Not give it to them. Here is an example of a survey site below. I did not see any mention of paying to be a member. Click the picture below and check it out now.

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