Saturday, April 23, 2016

Is There A Weird Trick To Making Money Online

 Every day when I do some surfing on the internet all I see is people wanting to make money online. Hey I would like to make that kind of money too and quit my present job, but of course that does not always happen. There really aren't any quick rich schemes out there and most of the things we see or read are a lot of scams. Here is a video below where the person claims they are making alot of money online from their laptop computer.
Is it possible to accomplish this. Well given the right circumstances it could happen. I believe you have to just believe in yourself and never give up. Yes the going is going to be tough, so all you can do is stick with it. The real key is just to have fun with it no matter what happens. Maybe you can tell of some funny story you have had and that way you can make someone happy and laugh. You see that is the key of all blogs is to help some in some way with something.

Click on the picture below and watch the video, then decide for yourself.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Make Money With Surveys Online

 Everyone today is looking for a way to make extra money. They especially want to do it online from the comfort of their own home. I say there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I myself have tried various things to make extra money. I write a number of blogs for the main reason to help someone in some way. I monetize the blog in different ways to make some money along the way. I don't believe I will get rich from it and I am not worried about that.
 Okay so what are some of the ways you can try and earn some money online. Well first you have the blog and monetizing it with different kinds of ads for products you promote that are associated with your particular niche. Whenever I have looked around the internet I find the website for  doing surveys. In fact I have tried a few of those and never really had success, so I gave up and moved on. I am sure there are some survey websites that are legitimate. I have seen some where they seem to good to be true. In fact if you read the reviews on them there may be some unhappy campers.
 For example take a look at the survey ad blow and make sure to watch and read the entire site. You see I looked into the reviews and people say it's a scam. Well that may be very true, but you need to be the judge of that. I always find it suspicious when they ask for money. Of course you do have to look at what they do with the money. Now in this article they pay you a certain amount of money and that helps take away from their membership fee. So you really have to read all the fine print and judge for yourself.

 If you are interested here are a few sites below that you can click on, read all the material and watch any videos.

   Now if you are thinking of making money another way here is an idea. I seem to see alot of people writing their own ebooks or writing for various places online. If you are interested click the picture below.

 Here are a few more websites you can check out for writing surveys.
  1. Paid surveys at home
  2. More Paid Surveys at Home
  3. Surveys Paid
  Like I said before it's best for you to check them out and then decide for yourself. If it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

How To Make Extra Money

 While we are working on our blogs trying to make them popular we may be looking for ways to make extra money in our spare time. I know myself I have searched all over the internet for ways to make money at home. The problem we all run into is that most things on the internet are scams. Now there are websites out there that have lists of websites that are nothing but scams. I remember finding places that looked interesting and then I found them listed on the scamming sites. It saved me alot of time and headaches.
 It seems as though the most popular way to make money is by doing surveys. Once again you will run into the problem of what is legitimate and what is not. What I tend to do is place in my search the word legit or legitimate. This seems to bring up the good websites, but you still have to protect yourself. Again what I do is then type in the website name with legit or not in the search window. I most likely will find websites where they have done reviews on them and then I can determine if they are worth looking into or not.
 One of the best giveaways is if the place in question wants you to pay money to join. That right there may be an indicator it is a scam. I have read many times where people are saying they made a good amount of money on various places. The best answer is to check them out. If you are interested in looking into a place for kindle publishing click on the picture below.

Click on the picture above and listen to the video on making money kindle publishing

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