Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blogger Vs Wordpress Or Wordpress Vs Blogger

                           WordPress VS Blogger by anis jerbi
 In the world of blogging we all face various problems. Yes one of the biggest is how to get that darn traffic to our websites. Well as I have stated before is to one be honest and try to write good content. Put yourself in the place of your reader. Would you actually read this or would you move on to somewhere else. If you are promoting something make sure to thoroughly learn about it, maybe use it and then write about it. Also don't give up the ship.
 Okay back to the subject at hand. We all come to a point where we try to decide if we should use Wordpress or Blogger. Well if you are going to use wordpress and want to monetize it you will have to pay a small fee each month. If you are using blogger yes it is free, but there can be a price to pay. What I am talking about is the possibility of it being taken away. I can say from first hand experience this does happen. When it does happen it happens very fast.
 I had one blogger account that kept getting tagged for possible spamming. I had about 5 or more blogs in that account. One day I was writing a post and when I saved it up comes a message and bam my blog was gone. I then could not access my blog and got that message that many people get. It was locked due to possible spamming. I in fact was not spamming anyone and could not figure out what was going on. The only choice was to click the appeal button and hope for the best. Well fortunately I did get the blog back only for them to lock it the next day again. I tried going on the forums for help and got an email that was the same as many others got.
 Okay so I appealed it over and over again until I just gave up. Well this started happening with every blog I had in that account. The only good part is that I had backed up all my blogs. Well what I decided to do is write something with absolutely no links or ads in it. I made sure there was nothing with spam in it. Well what happens is that bingo my blog is gone and locked. If they tell you that you won't get targeted by their system someone is full of Bologna . Well to make a long story short I got tired of the nonsense and canceled my account.
 Actually I felt a large strain relief had been lifted. I eventually created a new account and a blog. I then moved all my saved blogs to that account just to see if it got tagged again. By rights their system should tag it again. Well to my amazement it has had absolutely no problems. This proves my point that once the blogger system has you tagged they will keep riding you until you give up. So is blogger worth the headaches that I have had. I believe that for starting out and learning to blog it is worth it. I do feel at some point you should move on to something that is a hosted account.     

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