Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Give Clickbank A Try

 Clickbank is just another way of putting ads on your website or blog for someone to click on if interested. If you decide to do this I would only use one or two ads at a time. You do not want to come across as that is all your trying to do. If money is your main goal I am sure people will go the other way. Then at that point you are not going to have any chances of making money. Plus you may lose all your loyal readers.
 Yes your first goal is too put out some good content. That content should help the reader in some way. It can be a how to type of post, a review on a product or just information that may provide help with a computer problem for example. Okay so below is an example of how I make some of my clickbank ads. I also try to gear the clickbank ad towards what my niche and post are about. That way it may provide some useful information and that's what it's all about.
All you have to do is click on the ad above to read the information. This is a real ad.        
 What nice is at clickbank you can view all kinds of ads, so you find one that fits your niche. Once again you most likely will not become a millionaire, but if you provide good information and are sincere you will have more and more traffic as word gets around. Also by using some good keywords from google adsense you will get higher in the google rankings and draw in more traffic. Yes more traffic equals the better chance of getting clicks and loyal readers.
 If you are interested in clickbank just search for it on the internet and you can set up an account. It is very easy to do. Oh yes besides making a link within an ad such as above you can put a link within your text for the reader to click on. Here is an example of that. Click Here and Try using Google Sniper as it looks like an excellent way to earn some cash. The other way of placing an ad is off to the side of the post and add whatever text you choose to attract the readers attention.
 Thank You for stopping by and keep blogging.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Work On That Content For Your Niche Post

 Don't try and rush things when you work on your post for your niche. Take your time and read it a few times to make sure it makes sense. I know my self I get an idea and I just want to get it done as fast as possible so I get it published. Well lately I have found that if I take my time and think about it my post comes out better and makes it better for the person who is reading it.
 I have found that if I write some things down, go away and work on it a few days later I may see how I can move things around on the page to make it look better. Maybe I may find a few pictures to add or maybe a video or two that add to the content. There are all sorts of things you can do to keep someone interested in what you are doing. Put yourself in the place of the reader. In other words would like to read what you have written.
 For Gods sake use a sense of humor sometimes in what you are writing. We have all done some crazy things in our life. I can remember when I was standing on a ladder spraying stuff at a bee. It came down straight at me. My instinct said step back and get out of the way. Well it was just like the cartoons. I just said oh shi@# and down I went from about 10 feet up. I landed on the driveway, rolled backwards and banged my head on the driveway. I rolled over and it was like getting hit by a boxer. I ended up getting staples in my head in the shape of a letter V and not for victory. I told all my customers when they asked what happened that it was my Tim The Toolman Taylor Trick. Just don't try it the pavement is hard.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Don't Over Monetize Your Blog

 One thing I would recommend is not to over monetize your blog. You see you do not want to take away from the reason you are writing your blog in the first place. What I like to do is have a few different blogs on different topics. Then I try to utilize the various types of monetizing with the topic or niche. if you do too much monetizing on your blog you could get hit with spamming and your blog could be locked.
 Okay so what are the various types of monetizing that you may be able to do. You may use Amazon Affiliate and Adsense Ads. Sometimes I may put some of the Amazon Ads for items associated with the Niche at the base of the post. This way the reader can see some items and have the chance to search for more if desired. The other item I ad are at least three adsense ads. You can place them where you want, but it is a good idea to place them in areas where they may be clicked on. Certain areas are shown to be better than others. You can read about this on the internet and I would suggest to learn as much as possible.
 Should You Monetize Your Blog?by The SITS Girls
 Now another choice of monetizing is to place some links to ebay for items that are directly associated with your niche. Once again do not put too many or you may get tagged for spamming even though you are not spamming. Believe me I have been there and it is no fun. With Ebay links for items I may also add an affiliate link for some kind of web hosting or a a click ad link clickbank. Remember you can use all three monetizing choices, but be careful not to make your main objective to make money. Otherwise your readers may decide to go elsewhere where they can find better information on what they are looking for.
 There are even times when I only use one of the monetizing methods. I mainly try different things to see how they effect the popularity of the blog. You always want to keep your readers interested and coming back for more. if you create your own youtube videos lead your readers to them and have a few ads on them as well. My advise is experiment and find out what works best for you. Remember to get that traffic to your blog, because the more traffic the better you chances for your monetizing to work out.

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