Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pick A Niche

 This is one of those things where some people have problems. The first question is how do I pick a niche. Then should I just look for a popular niche that seems to be making money. Well first of all you should pick a niche about something you like. It can be a hobby or just something you have a good interest in. The problem is if you just pick a popular niche then people may see that you just want to make money and you really don't care about the subject or your readers. That's when you will fight a losing battle unless your very lucky.
 I have done that with my blogs I write. I try to pick things that I am interested in and know a good deal about them. I also try to pick things where I can help someone in some way. That for example is why I write this blog you are reading. If anything on it helps someone then I am doing the right thing. The ads for various items are there to give examples and if someone wants to click on something that is their choice.
 Another thing that you can do is narrow down your niche. In other words break it down to a singular subject. There are too many times when we pick a niche and realize that there are too many paths to follow. The next thing you know is that you are not sure which road to take and you end up lost. Trying to write a blog for example on selling all kinds of items can be very difficult. You would be much better off to break it down to say for example electronic items and then break it down further to say for example televisions or ham radios. That way you narrow the subject and attract the people that are interested in your subject.
 So get out there and pick a niche and narrow it down.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Watch What You Put On Your Blog Or It May Be Deleted

 This seems to be an ongoing problem where someones blog is all of the sudden deleted. Yes it has happened to me more that once. A few of my blogs were deleted due to possible spamming. I was working on a new blog and only had a few posts so far. I had just finished the third post, published it and just like that it was gone. I went back to the dashboard and found it was locked just like my other blog. Okay so now what is your next step to getting you blog back.
 Well with Blogger you have the choice to appeal the locked blog. Okay next they send you an email telling me in my case that my blog was tagged as possible spamming by their system. I only had some ads and links to amazon products that were related to the blog content. Well I did the appeal and a few days later I received an email that my blog was mistakenly marked as a spam violator. This has happened with three of my blogs and all were reinstated. But with the current two they reinstated them and locked them again the following day.
 Now supposedly when you do the appeal a human being checks the blog. Okay so they were found to be okay and reinstated. Well if they were locked again the following day tells me there is something wrong with the system. I have searched all over the internet and I am not the only one this is happening to. I have seen where someone has had numerous posts and then there blog is gone. I have tried forums only to have a email sent to me telling me that it's not okay to have affiliate marketing on your blog.
 Whats funny is  I read an article where google and amazon have come together. Also google has the adsense ads that you can have up to three on your blog. I also noticed that the email that was sent to me from the forum was exactly the same as other bloggers have received. Well as for myself as soon as my blogs are unlocked I am going to delete them. I see no reason to be punishing myself for no reason other than the fact that googles system keeps thinking I am spamming when I am not.
 Sorry for the ranting that I am doing, but I just want my readers to be aware of what can happen to their blogs in the future. It is no wonder that many individuals leave blogger and go to a paid version of wordpress or maybe get their own domain name and run their blog. The problem is if you run multiple blogs it could become expensive. So watch what you put on your blogs and how many links or ads you put on your blogs.
 Thank You for Reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 !!!!

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