Saturday, December 24, 2016

How To Monetize A Blog Without Adsense

 It seems as though most of us want to put adsense ads on our blogs. Well the truth is you don't to put them on your blog unless you want to. I would advise leaving them off until your blog picks up in traffic. You see if you don't have the traffic who is going to click on the ad. You yourself can not click on the ad or you will be dropped from adsense.
 So what kind of ads should you put on your fairly new blog. I would suggest that you could put a amazon affiliate ad on your blog or a amazon astore if you are trying to sell some kind of product. Once again all sales revolve around the traffic. So your main concern should be twofold. First concentrate on writing really good content that has to do with your blog. Second work on getting your blog seen, so people may come and see your blog. Once traffic flow is achieved, them maybe add one or two adsense ads to your blog if you desire.
 You see these types of ads are click type ads. In other words you make money when someone clicks on the ad. So therefore no traffic equals no clicks and no clicks equal no money. Besides your main goal of your blog should be to put out relevant content to help the reader in some way. Once readers see that you are trying to help them with good information, they will tell others and then the traffic will pick up.
 Now you can advertise your blog on various social networks like twitter and facebook. Just don't keep plastering it out there or you will get hit with spamming and you will lose your account. So maybe put out an interesting tweet and add your blog address. Maybe start a few facebook pages associated with your niche and put your website blog address on there with a post. Just remember is takes time unless you happen to be the lucky one, but that is few and far between.
 Thank You for stopping by and have fun.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Holidays Are Coming

 Sometimes you may have to base your blog or website at a certain time of the year. In other words if it thanksgiving pick items to sell based on thanksgiving. The next big holiday is obviously Christmas and that means lots of choices for gifts. I would suggest to see what is trending at places like amazon and ebay. Find a product that is similar to what you blog is about. For example if you are a survivalist put a few ads or links up for survivor type items. Just remember not to overload it.
 Another idea to try is to send out some rss feeds. Generally I look for the items that are closest to my wix and weebly websites. I create an rss feed with ebay and then send it out using something like Bitly. These are sent out on multiple twitter accounts at the same time. I also try to include my website addresses in the tweet. Just remember with twitter you only have so many characters to work with, so make it work for you. Also do not bombard twitter with lots of tweets or you may be removed due to spamming.
 Always remember to be mindful of your audience. In other words besides the links remember to put out some really good content. Maybe use your blog address to direct traffic back to your blog or website or both. Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

3 Things You Need Content Content Content

 When writing your blog make sure to have plenty of good content. If you just shove a bunch of junk on a page your readers will get bored, leave and never come back. If they spread the bad word about your website you might as well cash in your chips and start over. Give your readers something good and interesting to read about. I would also try to add a little humor in your post. When people laugh it makes them happy and they will want to come back for more.
 Most of all don't put too many ads or banners on your website. If you do that it will give your readers the impression that all you care about is trying to get the almighty buck. If you have a webstore in mind why not make a free website with or . Then you can put a few links to your website in your post or off to the side of the post. You may also put a link to your blog on your other website. This way you keep the two way traffic going and that helps in the ranks.
 Most of all don't give up. I myself have thought from time to time about stopping with some of my blogs or websites. I thought about it and then said nah !!! , I will just keep going.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How Do I Get That Traffic To My Blog or Website ?

 Yes as I read posts on various websites going back a few years we all want to know how to get that darn traffic to your website or blog. It isn't terribly hard, but it does take some effort. I still use Facebook, Twitter and My Google Account to spread the word. I have other pins on pinterest and I am thinking of making some kind of a youtube video. Just don't be a spammer and think about others. One of the things I have noticed is that there are many videos that are somewhat misleading. I have watched them only to find out that they are really trying to push a website with some kind of program. This kind of thing goes all the way back to the beginning. I guess we are always trying to make a buck no matter how deceitful we are. I do not follow that rule and believe in being honest. Like I have told others if you have to lie to the customer to sell something, there is something wrong with your business.
 So the moral of the story is don't give up the ship. I have had times when I wrote a post and got tons of traffic. Then there are other times when it seemed as if no one cared. That's just the name of the game and you must learn to deal with it. So get out there and start up an affiliate store and maybe add a little blogging to it. Learn about the usage of keywords and long tail keywords. Maybe create a free online store with wix or weebly. All it takes is time and after you make one website make another. Just don't over do it. I have found that with weebly you can only make 10 free websites, so pick your niches carefully and most of all have fun. Use some pictures, paragraphs and videos. Always leave the reader with the thought of coming back for more. So make it interesting and give the reader something to laugh about.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wix, Weebly or Blogger Oh My !!!



 You know some of us can not exactly afford to shell out lots of money to build a huge website. Well fortunately you don't have to put out tons of money to get started. Yes you can use blogger and I have been for the past few years. You are probably asking have you made tons of money. Well I have to sit back and laugh, because the answer to that is a big fat no. Yes I have sold a few things, but they don't amount to much. Your next thought is why don't you give up. Well if I give up who is going to give my advise.
 Okay so what I have done recently is to look into free websites with weebly and I have found that I can make a pretty decent website with both of them. So that is exactly what I have done. I created a few different websites with affiliate stores in them. I also have some of my google adsense ads and amazon ads running. I am also placing links to my ebay affiliate sales as well. I do a little tweeting on twitter and some facebook paging. It does seem to get me hits on my websites.
 I think what I am going to do is if they start to do well I will move into a paid situation and see if things move in a positive direction. You can't expect miracles overnight, so you just have to keep going forward and take a rest if you need to. One of the nice features with these two websites is that you can blog or not blog. I figure I will do some blogging and try to use to keywords and long tail keywords just to see what happens. Hey it's all for free so why not give it a try. Here are a few examples below of a couple of my websites.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Getting Traffic To Your Blog Can Be Tough

 One of the hardest things to do is get the traffic to your blog. One of the ways to achieve getting traffic is by using social media. This can be done by using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. There other forms of social media that you can use, but just make sure you are not spamming. That is definitely a no no when it comes to social media and you will get kicked off.

 Now if you are looking for another way of getting traffic try using a hosted website. I have been building some websites with WIX and WEEBLY. I am building a free website that is associated with the same topic as my other blogs. I then set it up with some good content and build upon it. I am also choosing to blog on them as well and that way hopefully they will be seen by google and others. The next thing I am doing is putting a button on them and placing a link to my other blogs. This way people can travel back and forth.
 What I also doing is using bitly, tinyurl and  socialoomph to put out tweets with twitter and facebook to my facebook pages. I do not run this all the time, maybe 3 times a week. That way I will be avoiding any spamming problems. You can also send tweets out every so often from amazon affiliate. Do Not do this too much as you may lose your twitter account due to spamming. I will have to see how this proceeds as time goes on, but I will tell you I am seeing more traffic with Wix and Weebly then I do with blogger, unless I am using twitter. My future will be at some point to go to better accounts in wix and weebly, so I can have much more space. The free accounts are nice and you can do quite a bit, but more would be much better in the long run.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

 In today's world people are trying many different ways to make money or they are trying to make a career at it.One of the most popular affiliate marketing websites is clickbank. These are all digital ads that take you to a website that explains or promotes what the product is. Now one issue that does come up is that some of these places may be a scam type of sale. One of the most popular that I have seen so far is the survey type of ad. They put out a video, lots of data and sometimes a video. Now not all of these are scams and it is up to the viewer of buyer to determine if it looks too good to be true.
 One thing I have done is view the ad before promoting it. The next thing I do and would suggest anyone to do is use google as the search browser. Type in the name of the ad or place that puts the ad out and do a search. Chances are you will find reviews that are good or bad. Then you can determine whether you should pursue it as a means to make some extra money. I would also say that not all reviews are legitimate as well. I have seen where someone tries the survey site, does not do well and then puts out a bad review. So you have to be very careful as to what you choose.
 One key main factor to look for is if they want you to pay money for some reason. They may also want you to provide all kinds of information. One popular item they may push is to join a membership and pay a fee. That may be a sure something is up or they want your money. Do Not give it to them. Here is an example of a survey site below. I did not see any mention of paying to be a member. Click the picture below and check it out now.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Is There A Weird Trick To Making Money Online

 Every day when I do some surfing on the internet all I see is people wanting to make money online. Hey I would like to make that kind of money too and quit my present job, but of course that does not always happen. There really aren't any quick rich schemes out there and most of the things we see or read are a lot of scams. Here is a video below where the person claims they are making alot of money online from their laptop computer.
Is it possible to accomplish this. Well given the right circumstances it could happen. I believe you have to just believe in yourself and never give up. Yes the going is going to be tough, so all you can do is stick with it. The real key is just to have fun with it no matter what happens. Maybe you can tell of some funny story you have had and that way you can make someone happy and laugh. You see that is the key of all blogs is to help some in some way with something.

Click on the picture below and watch the video, then decide for yourself.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Make Money With Surveys Online

 Everyone today is looking for a way to make extra money. They especially want to do it online from the comfort of their own home. I say there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I myself have tried various things to make extra money. I write a number of blogs for the main reason to help someone in some way. I monetize the blog in different ways to make some money along the way. I don't believe I will get rich from it and I am not worried about that.
 Okay so what are some of the ways you can try and earn some money online. Well first you have the blog and monetizing it with different kinds of ads for products you promote that are associated with your particular niche. Whenever I have looked around the internet I find the website for  doing surveys. In fact I have tried a few of those and never really had success, so I gave up and moved on. I am sure there are some survey websites that are legitimate. I have seen some where they seem to good to be true. In fact if you read the reviews on them there may be some unhappy campers.
 For example take a look at the survey ad blow and make sure to watch and read the entire site. You see I looked into the reviews and people say it's a scam. Well that may be very true, but you need to be the judge of that. I always find it suspicious when they ask for money. Of course you do have to look at what they do with the money. Now in this article they pay you a certain amount of money and that helps take away from their membership fee. So you really have to read all the fine print and judge for yourself.

 If you are interested here are a few sites below that you can click on, read all the material and watch any videos.

   Now if you are thinking of making money another way here is an idea. I seem to see alot of people writing their own ebooks or writing for various places online. If you are interested click the picture below.

 Here are a few more websites you can check out for writing surveys.
  1. Paid surveys at home
  2. More Paid Surveys at Home
  3. Surveys Paid
  Like I said before it's best for you to check them out and then decide for yourself. If it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

How To Make Extra Money

 While we are working on our blogs trying to make them popular we may be looking for ways to make extra money in our spare time. I know myself I have searched all over the internet for ways to make money at home. The problem we all run into is that most things on the internet are scams. Now there are websites out there that have lists of websites that are nothing but scams. I remember finding places that looked interesting and then I found them listed on the scamming sites. It saved me alot of time and headaches.
 It seems as though the most popular way to make money is by doing surveys. Once again you will run into the problem of what is legitimate and what is not. What I tend to do is place in my search the word legit or legitimate. This seems to bring up the good websites, but you still have to protect yourself. Again what I do is then type in the website name with legit or not in the search window. I most likely will find websites where they have done reviews on them and then I can determine if they are worth looking into or not.
 One of the best giveaways is if the place in question wants you to pay money to join. That right there may be an indicator it is a scam. I have read many times where people are saying they made a good amount of money on various places. The best answer is to check them out. If you are interested in looking into a place for kindle publishing click on the picture below.

Click on the picture above and listen to the video on making money kindle publishing

Thank You for stopping and leave a comment on any job you found that is legit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blogging And Social Networking Go Hand In Hand

 In today's world of blogging we are forever trying to get more and more traffic to our blogs. It can be quite a struggle trying to achieve this. You need to find every available root to get that traffic and keep them coming back for more. First you got to get your blogs and posts out there in the public eye. So think about what you are going to do and then set your mind on doing it.
 Okay so exactly what social networking are you going to use to get traffic. Well your not going to use just one your going to use as many as you can. What I have found is that using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest I have gotten good traffic and it seems to be getting better. It does not mean you will have instant success unless your one of the lucky or special ones.
 So what I do is after I write my post I put it on all three social networks. For example on pinterest I create a board that is associated with what my nice is about. In other words I use ham radio. I find a number of people to follow and pin them to my board. Then I add some pins in with the post title and a link to my blog url. This way they can make their way to my blog and who knows what will happen. I also take and add a couple of my affiliate links mixed in, not too many. You do not want to be tagged as a spammer.
 The next social network I use is twitter. What I did was create five or six different twitter accounts. I then write a tweet associated with my blog post and place the url link on the tweet. I do this for three or four accounts so I get the post out in the public on the net. I also like to place a picture associated with my subject as it gets attention. I will also send out maybe one or two affiliate links a week two. This way I won't be spamming and the item is associated with my blog. I do get quite a few clicks and have sold a few things. At least it gets traffic to my blog and they may come back for more.
 The third social network I use is facebook. What I did was create a page and titled it according to my niche ideas. I then find posts on facebook and share them to my various pages. This way it gives people something interesting to read or watch such as a video. Everything is always associated with my niche. I also place a affiliate link every so often. I have heard of people let go of facebook for dong too much of the affiliate links. I also have my web address to my blog so people and get there. I also put out a facebook post and place my website url in it. That way people may come to my blog and purchase something or click a adsense ad.
 There are other types of social networking that can be used. The whole point is to get traffic to your blog and keep them coming back for more.
 Thank You for stopping by.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blogger Vs Wordpress Or Wordpress Vs Blogger

                           WordPress VS Blogger by anis jerbi
 In the world of blogging we all face various problems. Yes one of the biggest is how to get that darn traffic to our websites. Well as I have stated before is to one be honest and try to write good content. Put yourself in the place of your reader. Would you actually read this or would you move on to somewhere else. If you are promoting something make sure to thoroughly learn about it, maybe use it and then write about it. Also don't give up the ship.
 Okay back to the subject at hand. We all come to a point where we try to decide if we should use Wordpress or Blogger. Well if you are going to use wordpress and want to monetize it you will have to pay a small fee each month. If you are using blogger yes it is free, but there can be a price to pay. What I am talking about is the possibility of it being taken away. I can say from first hand experience this does happen. When it does happen it happens very fast.
 I had one blogger account that kept getting tagged for possible spamming. I had about 5 or more blogs in that account. One day I was writing a post and when I saved it up comes a message and bam my blog was gone. I then could not access my blog and got that message that many people get. It was locked due to possible spamming. I in fact was not spamming anyone and could not figure out what was going on. The only choice was to click the appeal button and hope for the best. Well fortunately I did get the blog back only for them to lock it the next day again. I tried going on the forums for help and got an email that was the same as many others got.
 Okay so I appealed it over and over again until I just gave up. Well this started happening with every blog I had in that account. The only good part is that I had backed up all my blogs. Well what I decided to do is write something with absolutely no links or ads in it. I made sure there was nothing with spam in it. Well what happens is that bingo my blog is gone and locked. If they tell you that you won't get targeted by their system someone is full of Bologna . Well to make a long story short I got tired of the nonsense and canceled my account.
 Actually I felt a large strain relief had been lifted. I eventually created a new account and a blog. I then moved all my saved blogs to that account just to see if it got tagged again. By rights their system should tag it again. Well to my amazement it has had absolutely no problems. This proves my point that once the blogger system has you tagged they will keep riding you until you give up. So is blogger worth the headaches that I have had. I believe that for starting out and learning to blog it is worth it. I do feel at some point you should move on to something that is a hosted account.     

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Make Money And Become Rich

 Okay so are you going to create that overnight success blog that make millions of dollars. I would say most likely not. But don't let that stop you from trying to make a good living. Some say do not write your blog to make money and I have to agree with that. Make the purpose of your blog to help someone in some way. Write about whatever you are thinking about and be sincere. Believe me people will see right through you, leave and never come back.
 So you probably are asking what am I supposed to do to make money. Well first concentrate on writing some good content. Sure so of your posts may not be that interesting, but whose life is always interesting. No we are all pretty much average Joe's going about are daily routines. I know my days are usually quite boring, but every now and then something happens and you just have to share it. Yes there are the magic words share it .
Yes you can click on the picture ad below and maybe you will hit the jackpot. Go Ahead and Give It A Try.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Give Clickbank A Try

 Clickbank is just another way of putting ads on your website or blog for someone to click on if interested. If you decide to do this I would only use one or two ads at a time. You do not want to come across as that is all your trying to do. If money is your main goal I am sure people will go the other way. Then at that point you are not going to have any chances of making money. Plus you may lose all your loyal readers.
 Yes your first goal is too put out some good content. That content should help the reader in some way. It can be a how to type of post, a review on a product or just information that may provide help with a computer problem for example. Okay so below is an example of how I make some of my clickbank ads. I also try to gear the clickbank ad towards what my niche and post are about. That way it may provide some useful information and that's what it's all about.
All you have to do is click on the ad above to read the information. This is a real ad.        
 What nice is at clickbank you can view all kinds of ads, so you find one that fits your niche. Once again you most likely will not become a millionaire, but if you provide good information and are sincere you will have more and more traffic as word gets around. Also by using some good keywords from google adsense you will get higher in the google rankings and draw in more traffic. Yes more traffic equals the better chance of getting clicks and loyal readers.
 If you are interested in clickbank just search for it on the internet and you can set up an account. It is very easy to do. Oh yes besides making a link within an ad such as above you can put a link within your text for the reader to click on. Here is an example of that. Click Here and Try using Google Sniper as it looks like an excellent way to earn some cash. The other way of placing an ad is off to the side of the post and add whatever text you choose to attract the readers attention.
 Thank You for stopping by and keep blogging.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Work On That Content For Your Niche Post

 Don't try and rush things when you work on your post for your niche. Take your time and read it a few times to make sure it makes sense. I know my self I get an idea and I just want to get it done as fast as possible so I get it published. Well lately I have found that if I take my time and think about it my post comes out better and makes it better for the person who is reading it.
 I have found that if I write some things down, go away and work on it a few days later I may see how I can move things around on the page to make it look better. Maybe I may find a few pictures to add or maybe a video or two that add to the content. There are all sorts of things you can do to keep someone interested in what you are doing. Put yourself in the place of the reader. In other words would like to read what you have written.
 For Gods sake use a sense of humor sometimes in what you are writing. We have all done some crazy things in our life. I can remember when I was standing on a ladder spraying stuff at a bee. It came down straight at me. My instinct said step back and get out of the way. Well it was just like the cartoons. I just said oh shi@# and down I went from about 10 feet up. I landed on the driveway, rolled backwards and banged my head on the driveway. I rolled over and it was like getting hit by a boxer. I ended up getting staples in my head in the shape of a letter V and not for victory. I told all my customers when they asked what happened that it was my Tim The Toolman Taylor Trick. Just don't try it the pavement is hard.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Don't Over Monetize Your Blog

 One thing I would recommend is not to over monetize your blog. You see you do not want to take away from the reason you are writing your blog in the first place. What I like to do is have a few different blogs on different topics. Then I try to utilize the various types of monetizing with the topic or niche. if you do too much monetizing on your blog you could get hit with spamming and your blog could be locked.
 Okay so what are the various types of monetizing that you may be able to do. You may use Amazon Affiliate and Adsense Ads. Sometimes I may put some of the Amazon Ads for items associated with the Niche at the base of the post. This way the reader can see some items and have the chance to search for more if desired. The other item I ad are at least three adsense ads. You can place them where you want, but it is a good idea to place them in areas where they may be clicked on. Certain areas are shown to be better than others. You can read about this on the internet and I would suggest to learn as much as possible.
 Should You Monetize Your Blog?by The SITS Girls
 Now another choice of monetizing is to place some links to ebay for items that are directly associated with your niche. Once again do not put too many or you may get tagged for spamming even though you are not spamming. Believe me I have been there and it is no fun. With Ebay links for items I may also add an affiliate link for some kind of web hosting or a a click ad link clickbank. Remember you can use all three monetizing choices, but be careful not to make your main objective to make money. Otherwise your readers may decide to go elsewhere where they can find better information on what they are looking for.
 There are even times when I only use one of the monetizing methods. I mainly try different things to see how they effect the popularity of the blog. You always want to keep your readers interested and coming back for more. if you create your own youtube videos lead your readers to them and have a few ads on them as well. My advise is experiment and find out what works best for you. Remember to get that traffic to your blog, because the more traffic the better you chances for your monetizing to work out.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pick A Niche

 This is one of those things where some people have problems. The first question is how do I pick a niche. Then should I just look for a popular niche that seems to be making money. Well first of all you should pick a niche about something you like. It can be a hobby or just something you have a good interest in. The problem is if you just pick a popular niche then people may see that you just want to make money and you really don't care about the subject or your readers. That's when you will fight a losing battle unless your very lucky.
 I have done that with my blogs I write. I try to pick things that I am interested in and know a good deal about them. I also try to pick things where I can help someone in some way. That for example is why I write this blog you are reading. If anything on it helps someone then I am doing the right thing. The ads for various items are there to give examples and if someone wants to click on something that is their choice.
 Another thing that you can do is narrow down your niche. In other words break it down to a singular subject. There are too many times when we pick a niche and realize that there are too many paths to follow. The next thing you know is that you are not sure which road to take and you end up lost. Trying to write a blog for example on selling all kinds of items can be very difficult. You would be much better off to break it down to say for example electronic items and then break it down further to say for example televisions or ham radios. That way you narrow the subject and attract the people that are interested in your subject.
 So get out there and pick a niche and narrow it down.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Watch What You Put On Your Blog Or It May Be Deleted

 This seems to be an ongoing problem where someones blog is all of the sudden deleted. Yes it has happened to me more that once. A few of my blogs were deleted due to possible spamming. I was working on a new blog and only had a few posts so far. I had just finished the third post, published it and just like that it was gone. I went back to the dashboard and found it was locked just like my other blog. Okay so now what is your next step to getting you blog back.
 Well with Blogger you have the choice to appeal the locked blog. Okay next they send you an email telling me in my case that my blog was tagged as possible spamming by their system. I only had some ads and links to amazon products that were related to the blog content. Well I did the appeal and a few days later I received an email that my blog was mistakenly marked as a spam violator. This has happened with three of my blogs and all were reinstated. But with the current two they reinstated them and locked them again the following day.
 Now supposedly when you do the appeal a human being checks the blog. Okay so they were found to be okay and reinstated. Well if they were locked again the following day tells me there is something wrong with the system. I have searched all over the internet and I am not the only one this is happening to. I have seen where someone has had numerous posts and then there blog is gone. I have tried forums only to have a email sent to me telling me that it's not okay to have affiliate marketing on your blog.
 Whats funny is  I read an article where google and amazon have come together. Also google has the adsense ads that you can have up to three on your blog. I also noticed that the email that was sent to me from the forum was exactly the same as other bloggers have received. Well as for myself as soon as my blogs are unlocked I am going to delete them. I see no reason to be punishing myself for no reason other than the fact that googles system keeps thinking I am spamming when I am not.
 Sorry for the ranting that I am doing, but I just want my readers to be aware of what can happen to their blogs in the future. It is no wonder that many individuals leave blogger and go to a paid version of wordpress or maybe get their own domain name and run their blog. The problem is if you run multiple blogs it could become expensive. So watch what you put on your blogs and how many links or ads you put on your blogs.
 Thank You for Reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 !!!!

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