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I Am Not Getting Any Traffic To My Blog

This is one of the most frustrating things a person will face when running a blog. Yes how do I get that darn traffic to my website. Well yes you definitely need to have good content and be honest about what you blog about. You know that old saying "Honesty Is The Best Policy", well it is true. If you start lying about things people will eventually see right through you. Then you will lose traffic as the bad word spreads about your blog. This can happen in any business, in fact a person where I work said that it was their job to lie to the customer. I say if you have to lie to someone to sell something then there is something wrong with your business. Yes it does show by the lack of work coming in. They can blame everything they can think of, but the truth hurts.
 Okay so back to the subject at hand on getting traffic to your website. One of the keys is writing some good blog post titles. This can be a tricky task at times. I have sat there and struggled on what to make th…

Need To Make A Blog Post Title

If you are like everyone there are times when your not sure what to choose for your blog post title. Well I was in that predicament today and so I did a little searching on the internet. What I found were some websites for creating blog post titles with a blog post title generator. What I did was use Google Adwords to think of a keyword that generated a lot of hits and one that had low competition. Next I plugged it into the blog post title generator and it was giving me various ideas.
 I had quite a few different ideas or examples. What I did next was think about how I could change what I saw to fit my niche. The next step was to start writing the post. After I had the post written I looked for pictures and videos I could use from the creatives commons. Just make sure that you give the attributions if they are present. Never use anything that is not in the public domain in creative commons or you could be in a problem with copyright infringement and you don't want that.
 Just r…