Saturday, December 5, 2015

Make The Url The Same As Your Blog Title

  Something that will help Google and others find your blog and others remember it. I would try and make the Blog Title the same as the URL. So in other words like I made my blog title Monetize A Blog and the URL is . Sometimes it can be a little tricky, because the url may already be taken. The best advise I can give is to think up different names that will suite your blog and keep trying. Now if you change the URL after you had it for awhile it may negatively affect your google comments.
 I myself have changed my blog titles and urls, but I did not have many if any comments. So I have not seen any problems. If you did not do this and your sight is getting a steady traffic flow then I would not mess with it. I am trying this with my blogs as an experiment to see what happens. Honestly I have not seen a big difference in traffic by itself. When I make a tweet on twitter to send out a post to boost traffic I did notice that I did have better results.
 I guess I will just have to keep trying and never give up. Keep trying different niches and watch for the results. Maybe you will just hit a topic that draws in the traffic to your blog. Sometimes you may get your blog going and let it ride for awhile to see if people find you. Just make sure to have plenty of good content on your blog. Also put yourself in place of the reader. Would you find it interesting or would you start looking at some place else. Try and make the content interesting, fun, exciting and have some humor.
 Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays !!!


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