Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Start A Blog Writing And Selling Your Own EBooks

 If you are trying to figure out how you can make some money on the internet try writing your own kindle book or ebook. A good friend of mines wife is doing just that. There are so many different ebooks on Amazon it is just unbelievable. Picking a topic for your ebook is totally up to you. My older brother used to like to write science fiction short stories years ago. It's too bad we did not have the Kindle like today or the internet access. Back then we just had the commodore 64 and vic20 computers.
 There are many different paths you can take to learn how to write an ebook. There are some free tutorials out there on the internet. You can also purchase software to help in writing an ebook. Another choice is to purchase various books on writing ebooks. Here are a few links below to some information that may help in writing ebooks.
  1. Learn To Write Your Own Ebook
  2.  Instant Ebook Writing Kit
  3.  Kindle Template For Microsoft Word 
  4. Amazon Kindle Training
  5.  Ultimate Ebook Creator
  6.  Ebook Creation, Delivery and Marketing
 The above are just six ideas that are out there that seem to do really well. Below are some of my picks from Amazon on writing Ebooks and Kindle Books.

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