Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Bit Of Advise When Working On Your Blog


I just started working on a new blog and only had two posts written and published when disaster struck. You see I was writing a third post and decided to publish what I had because I was in a hurry. I figured I would come back later and add to it when all of the sudden it disappeared. I started checking things and found that it had been locked by blogger. They apparently thought I was spamming when in actuality I was not spamming anyone. Just doing the norm by writing about telephoto camera lenses. 
 Well I immediately did the appeal and will have to see if they unlock it for me, so I can go further with this blog. I plan to look into the various types of camera lenses and do some typical affiliate marketing with the various camera lenses. I am working on doing some reviewing on the lenses and helpful information in any way possible. But like I said you never know when Murphy's Law will happen.
 So make sure you have plenty of good content and don't try to go too fast. Take your time and think about what your writing your post about. In other words don't put the cart before the horse. You may find that leaving it as a draft and coming back later will provide you with better thoughts . This will result in better contents, which will intrigue your readers causing then to come back for more. 

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