Sunday, October 18, 2015

Making Money With A Kindle

 Have you ever thought of making money with your Kindle ? I am seeing where people are writing e-books for the Kindle. Here are a few links below you can click on that may give some help in starting a blog involving writing e-books for kindles or writing stories for kindles.
  1. Click Here To Learn About Making Money With Kindles
  2.  Click Here For A Kindle Template For Microsoft Word 
  3.  Kindle Publishing
  4.  E-Book Creator For Amazon Kindle
  5.   Amazon Kindle Elite Software
 Now the above links are just some ideas out there. The only advise I can give is to listen to what they say or read what they have to offer. Then I would do some searching on the internet and maybe watch some youtube videos.
 Maybe you could start a blog selling Kindle E-Books or Just Books For A Kindle. Then incorporate your own Kindle E-Books or Kindle Books. From what I have read the Kindles and Kindle E-Books are very popular, so it may be worth looking into. You just never know what will happen. In any event just get out there and build traffic plus remember to have fun.

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