Monday, September 7, 2015

Need To Make A Blog Post Title

 If you are like everyone there are times when your not sure what to choose for your blog post title. Well I was in that predicament today and so I did a little searching on the internet. What I found were some websites for creating blog post titles with a blog post title generator. What I did was use Google Adwords to think of a keyword that generated a lot of hits and one that had low competition. Next I plugged it into the blog post title generator and it was giving me various ideas.
 I had quite a few different ideas or examples. What I did next was think about how I could change what I saw to fit my niche. The next step was to start writing the post. After I had the post written I looked for pictures and videos I could use from the creatives commons. Just make sure that you give the attributions if they are present. Never use anything that is not in the public domain in creative commons or you could be in a problem with copyright infringement and you don't want that.
 Just remember to watch out for any website that may try to put junk programs like pc optimizer pro on your computer. In fact I would run a program like free malwarebytes or spybot to clean up any malware, spyware or adware. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date. If nothing is found you should be okay. Also remember that some of these blog post title generator websites will give out so many examples and then want you to pay for more examples. I would just try a different website.
 Thank You for reading.

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