Saturday, September 19, 2015

I Am Not Getting Any Traffic To My Blog

 This is one of the most frustrating things a person will face when running a blog. Yes how do I get that darn traffic to my website. Well yes you definitely need to have good content and be honest about what you blog about. You know that old saying "Honesty Is The Best Policy", well it is true. If you start lying about things people will eventually see right through you. Then you will lose traffic as the bad word spreads about your blog. This can happen in any business, in fact a person where I work said that it was their job to lie to the customer. I say if you have to lie to someone to sell something then there is something wrong with your business. Yes it does show by the lack of work coming in. They can blame everything they can think of, but the truth hurts.
 Okay so back to the subject at hand on getting traffic to your website. One of the keys is writing some good blog post titles. This can be a tricky task at times. I have sat there and struggled on what to make the blog title. I new what I wanted to say, but the title just was not there. I find a number of blog post generators on the internet and they were a tremendous help. What I do is I get a bunch of ideas and then I try to adjust them for my blog. I have found that it does help and I do see an increase in traffic. Do I get tons of traffic all the time you may be asking. Well the answer is no not really. But I figure if what I write in any of my blogs help even one or two people then I am doing something good for someone.
 Also remember the other paths to take to get an increase in traffic. First build up you google contacts. Second use the social networks. For example with twitter follow as many people as possible. In fact I think the limit is 2000 and that is a lot of people. You have to figure that whatever your tweet is it is going all over the place and you will end up with more followers. Also remember to set twitter so it puts your tweet on facebook. With facebook I have my main page that goes to friends and family. I also have some facebook pages I made with my blogs and I have my address to my blog on them. These types of pages go all over the place. There are also other social networks that you can use as well.
 You can stick to writing one post a month when you have 10 posts, but the more the merrier. I would not go overboard with writing posts or the reader may get lost and bored. Maybe you could try and write two or three posts a month. In other words get that content out there and get those webcrawlers going. Make sure to use some pictures, cartoons or photographs as well as a few videos in your blog. You can make the videos yourself or use creative commons as a resource for these things.
 If you have any comments be sure to leave them as they are always welcome.

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