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Do Not Over Monetize your Blog. If you add too many ads of different types you may drive people away. Remember your blog should be a way of communicating to your readers. They came there because they saw the post title on Google or Yahoo or some web browser. That caught their eye and sounded interesting to them. Maybe they were trying to figure out something like repairing something and now the first thing they see is a bunch of ads. Now they suspect that you are just trying to sell something to get their money.
 As for myself when I go to a blog say for example for something associated with Ham Radio I do not want to be hit with tons of ads. So how many ads are too many ? Well maybe put a adsense ad or two spread out on the website. You could also put a Amazon Ad within the post and maybe a few links as well. Sometimes I like to blend an Amazon link and an Ebay Link spread out in the post. I have tried putting an Amazon Store below the posts on some of my websites, but that does no…

What Do You Think?

I think that the way to make money by blogging is not to worry about the money aspect at the start. I think your main goal should be first to enjoy yourself and second to help other people in any way you can. It can be by giving help with computers or building something or even by a few kind words. So many of us want to become extremely successful we forget what the real goal should be. Think about the people who are reading your blog. Are you doing this to help or just to put money in your pocket. Way Too Many Times Greed takes over and we forget what we should be doing. If after awhile your blog does become successful thank your readers because without them you would not be here. I am by no means successful but I am trying to help and I would like to say...

Use Facebook To Advertise Your Blog

Another way of getting that needed traffic to your blog is by using Facebook. Now you can just write a post mentioning your blog and input the blog address. What you can also do with facebook is start your own facebook page with your blog. I have done this with a few of my blogs and then I invited a number of my friends. The thing is to have your blog name something that will easily come up when someone is searching on facebook. For example I have my blog called The Ham Shack Shop on a Facebook Page. It seems to come up due to ham shack being a fairly common name in ham radio. Here are a few videos below on how to start your own facebook page as well as how to drive traffic with facebook groups.

How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook Groups - Tutorial by IM-Blog101

                  Generate Website Traffic with Facebook Groups by Jonathan Leger