Saturday, July 18, 2015

Traffic Equals Money

 Ask yourself does traffic to your blog always mean you will make money. My answer to that is not necessarily. You have to do a few things to make money with your blog. Yes getting the traffic to your blog is very important, but keeping the visitor interested may just be more important. No I would say it is more important. You need to put yourself in the place of the person visiting your blog. Are you going to be interested enough to come back for more ? Will you want to keep reading or will you just get bored and click somewhere else. I know as for myself I have gone to many websites and blogs looking for something and got bored and left.

How to Drive Traffic - The Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Blog by Karl Gerber
                                       A few years old, but good information
   One of the things that turn me off is when you get to a website and they have ads all over the place. It seems as though they are merely just trying to sell you something and they don't care if you are interested in what you wrote. I myself have some blogs that are more of a store front. I place that information right up front in a text note so the reader does not waste their time. I am not out to trick or deceive anyone. Believe me I have seen too many individuals first hand trying to deceive the customer by actually lying to the customer in order to make a few bucks. I have even talked to some of the sales people and they think it's their job to lie to the customers. I have even told those individuals right to their faces that if you have to lie to someone to sell something there is something wrong with your business. I definitely believe that and I will not lie for anyone.

                          How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook Groups by IM-Blog101
  Okay so back to the post at hand. Try and keep your content fresh and don't drag out what you are trying to say. Don't try to add nonsense sentences just to make your post look longer. Sometimes keeping it short and sweet may just be what the doctor ordered. Try and provide a fair amount of information to the reader, but not too much. If you give too much information they may become bored and leave the website. Also make sure that any links you create actually go to the desired location. Most of all be honest with your readers. If you make that your main intention the good word will spread and they will be coming back for more.
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