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10 Most Popular Niche Ideas

I think all of us who are out here blogging ask the question what are the most popular niches that will bring in the traffic to my blog. As I have said in other posts that you should not give up. It takes time to build up that audience of loyal readers. Not every post you write is going to be that traffic bringer. Believe me I have posts on my various blogs that do not get much traffic. One thing I do is I look at my posts and if I see one that is not doing well I change the post title.
 So what are the most popular niche ideas out there today. Here is a list of 10 popular ideas below.
FASHION BLOGSPHOTOGRAPHY BLOGSTECHNOLOGY BLOGSHAM RADIO BLOGSHEALTH ORIENTATED BLOGSRELIGIOUS BLOGSTUTORIAL BLOGSHOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGSHOW TO IMPROVE OUR SELF BLOGSSTRANGE EVENTS AND PHENOMENA BLOGS  Of course these are not the only niche ideas for blogs that will pull in traffic to your blog. You will also find that each of these niche ideas may have several niche ideas within them. The best way is t…

Traffic Equals Money

Ask yourself does traffic to your blog always mean you will make money. My answer to that is not necessarily. You have to do a few things to make money with your blog. Yes getting the traffic to your blog is very important, but keeping the visitor interested may just be more important. No I would say it is more important. You need to put yourself in the place of the person visiting your blog. Are you going to be interested enough to come back for more ? Will you want to keep reading or will you just get bored and click somewhere else. I know as for myself I have gone to many websites and blogs looking for something and got bored and left.

Books For Making Money With Your Blog

There are a lot of good books for making money with your blog. Here are few examples of some of the excellent books out there that may help in making money with your blog.

There are plenty of other excellent books and here is a link you can click on MAKE MONEY BLOGGING

 Of course not every book is going to be the golden answer to you making money with your blog. As I have said before it takes time and good content. Look around the internet at different blogs to get an idea of what people write and how they set up a blog. Comment on some of those blogs if you see something that interests you. Maybe they have written something and you find that you have it in common with them. Share your ideas and what you think about. Like I said making money is not the most important part of your blog. Helping others in some way should be the main goal of your blog. That help may be in the form of giving advise, providing information or maybe even teaching someone about something or how to do it.