Thursday, April 2, 2015

Start A Webstore Blog Site Online

I Love An E-Commerce Webstore
  Yes there is nothing like e-commerce on the internet. In other words start a blog with a e-commerce webstore. That is what I am experimenting with these days. I have amazon stores on some of my blogs. I wanted to see how well people liked it or if they did not like it. I did not want to make the important part of the blog selling items. I really wanted to just make the various ads an added attraction. In other words if someone decided to search or look at some ham radios they did not have to go very far.

  My whole project with my blogs is to get as much information out to people involving the hobbies I like. Also if there is some way that my information can help someone then I have accomplished my mission. So as far as this mission goes I would like to share on how to implement a webstore on your blog. It in its self is not a very difficult task.

In fact it was very easy to install a webstore in my blog. I made sure that in my opening statement that this blog site was going to mainly be a webstore for e-commerce. I do have various posts on this webstore blog site. I also made the blog to be geared to my niche idea. In other words it is mainly associated with ham radio. I do have my links to my other blog sites where anyone can access them from.
  What I did was to incorporate my amazon store that you can create right at your amazon associates website. It was as easy as thinking about what you want to try and sell on your webstore. You first select the main selection such as ham radio and you make the search name electronics for example. You can select a group of items where there may be hundreds of items in the category. You can also select individual items to sell. You then select a name for your webstore. Always keep in mind using the Google adwords and key phrases. That way you can try and drive traffic to your webstore blog site. Just save the code and paste it using the typical blogger gadgets. I do like to keep just one post showing at a time and my blog post archive will be off to the side. Here are a couple links to my webstore blog sites
  1. . 
  3.  Also check out my facebook page I started on e commerce.
  Thank You for reading and I hope this is helpful to you. Remember all comments are welcome.

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