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Amazon Or Ebay....Ebay Or Amazon

Sometimes we get into a dilemma whether to use Amazon or Ebay in our blog. We tend to wonder would it be better to just use links to Ebay webpages or to use just links to Amazon. Well I think you can actually use both Amazon and Ebay within your blog post. What I like to do is figure out what products or ideas I am talking about in my blog post. I then place a few links to Amazon and Ebay throughout the blog post. Most of the time I may have three or four paragraphs in a blog post. I usually place two links per paragraph. Now I don't follow this rule every time.
  I follow a few different paths when I work on my blogs. You see I have multiple blogs with different subjects. There are times when I use text links in the post for just Amazon. I also do the same thing and just use text links for Ebay. Then there are other times when I just use a widget for an Amazon product along with a text link to Amazon or Ebay. I do all these different methods to find out how things work. You se…

Start A Webstore Blog Site Online

Yes there is nothing like e-commerce on the internet. In other words start a blog with a e-commerce webstore. That is what I am experimenting with these days. I have amazon stores on some of my blogs. I wanted to see how well people liked it or if they did not like it. I did not want to make the important part of the blog selling items. I really wanted to just make the various ads an added attraction. In other words if someone decided to search or look at some ham radios they did not have to go very far.