Friday, March 6, 2015

Monetize Your Blog Ideas

Use Keywords In Your Blog To Attract Traffic

  What are some of the key ways to get that traffic to your blog. Well I would make sure to have a good post title for your post. Make sure your post represents or is part of the entire blog idea. Also make sure your post title leads the reader into your post itself. It has to be relevant to what you are writing about. What I do is get an idea for my post and then I go over in my head what I want to write about. What I like to do is look for keywords with Google ad words that have a high number and a low competition number. This way it is shown that more people are searching for your post title idea a month. You then have a much better chance of getting traffic to your website blog. 
  Not only use the keywords in your post title, but use keywords through out your post. I would not

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flood it with too many keywords, because you don't want the crawlers to think it is spam. Remember to keep the content within your post relevant to the post title. Also search out those keywords that draw in the traffic. if you are writing your post and you lose your train of thought take a break. Stop for awhile and do something else. Maybe even stop for the day and come back to it the following day. You will probably find that you can come up with a group of new ideas to work into your post. Go on Google Adwords and search for keywords that will fit into your blog post.
  I would also try not to write your post in a way that belittles anyone or anything. Above all else be Honest. Always write your blog in a way that provides solutions in some way that will help your readers. Provide some links to places on the internet that may provide some added help or information on the subject. Also remember to check your spelling as you write your post. I myself prefer to use Mozilla Firefox, because it has the spell checker and I catch all my mistakes. Another point is do not make your blog post too long. You do not want your reader to get lost in the post and become board. Remember to use pictures with captions and videos in your post as well. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth a lot more.
  So remember to keep the keywords and keyword phrases flowing through your blog.
  Thank You for reading.   

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