Saturday, February 21, 2015

You Should Use Google AdWords In Your Blog Post

                                  GOOGLE AD WORDS WORK
  One thing I have found very helpful is using Google Ad Words in my blog posts. See I am doing it right now.You need to learn to pick your keywords or keyword phrases wisely. What I do is think of what my post is going to be about. Next I open up the blog I am going to work on. Then I open another window in the web browser and go to Google Adwords. I think of various keywords or keyword phrases for the post title. I then type in the keyword or phrase and check for at least 5000 clicks per month. Then I look at the competition number. You generally have three choices. Check out the excellent books at Amazon at this link  Google Adwords .

  1. High
  2. Medium
  3. Low
  What I have found is that when I pick keywords or phrases with a high number and low competition I tend to get more traffic. I try to work the various keywords and phrases in the post itself. Sometimes I will have the post written and then I go back through it. I may all of the sudden see a sentence that may easily be adjusted by using certain keywords or keyword phrases. I also do the same for the post title as well. For example on one post I had some hits here and there. When I wrote the next post I used the new method and it had over 160 hits in one day, which was a big jump. I have been using this method in all my blogs and they all seem to get more hits during the day.
                                Keyword Traffic Research with the Google Keyword Tool                                                                                           by eCommerceFuel

  You may be asking did I think of this on my own. Honestly I have to say no I did not come up with this method. I was searching on youtube to learn about getting more traffic to your blog and I came across a video about the subject of getting more traffic to your blog. Thia was pretty much the method that this individual was using. So far it seems to be working out a lot better for me. You will realize that the more traffic you can get to your blog the better the chances are you will make a sale from Amazon or Ebay. You may also get more clicks on your other advertisements. The bigger plus is that other people may come to your blog and they may find something that will help them out with something they are doing in their life. To me that's what it's all about....HELPING OTHERS.
  Thank You for reading.

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