Saturday, February 14, 2015


  What are the best advertisements to place on your blog. After doing some research I mostly read that the advertisements should be made according to what your blog is about. So that is the rule that I generally follow on my blogs. But rules were made to be broken or so they say. I have a few blogs that cover a wide variety of items. With that said I tend to try and gear the ads to the current post. In other words if my post is about Ham Radio I place Ads and links in the post for Amazon and Ebay according to what the post is about. I may also change the Amazon Ads and Ebay Ads off the side of the posts to represent what the current post is about. I do have a Amazon Store below the post that pretty much covers the Blog idea and that way items are usually geared so the customer could search for whatever they choose.

 You may be asking do I make a lot of money with my blogs and the advertisements. The answer is not much. I have made a few sales with Amazon and Ebay. I have had some clicks with the click type ads. My main goal is not making money, no I just love to share whatever information I can about myself and my hobbies. If someone can benefit from whatever I am blogging about then I have reached my goal. I do sometimes feel I am addicted to blogging. I sometimes feel that I just have to write about something and that is what I do.
  Okay back to the advertisements theme of this post. I have found that quite a bit of the time the click type ads don't always represent what the blog is about. I have seen some ads that have nothing to do with the theme of the blog. Is that in any way hurting anything with making money. Well it could be but I really don't care, who knows somebody may see it and be interested. I have noticed that as I have more and more content the ads are more in line with the theme of the blog. So the goal to get those ads in the proper theme may be to get more content and use keywords to get more traffic to the blog. In the long run that may mean that I may have helped out more people.
  So if your goal is to just make money with your blog, well that is your choice and I respect you for it. So if you are using Amazon, Ebay, Adsense or any other click type advertisement I say experiment and keep track of your results. Most of all have fun with whatever you are doing.
  Thank You For Reading. 

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