Saturday, February 21, 2015

You Should Use Google AdWords In Your Blog Post

                                  GOOGLE AD WORDS WORK
  One thing I have found very helpful is using Google Ad Words in my blog posts. See I am doing it right now.You need to learn to pick your keywords or keyword phrases wisely. What I do is think of what my post is going to be about. Next I open up the blog I am going to work on. Then I open another window in the web browser and go to Google Adwords. I think of various keywords or keyword phrases for the post title. I then type in the keyword or phrase and check for at least 5000 clicks per month. Then I look at the competition number. You generally have three choices. Check out the excellent books at Amazon at this link  Google Adwords .

Friday, February 20, 2015

Books To Help With Your Blog

  I thought I would just show some books for every blogger. If you are thinking about starting a blog or maybe your already a blogger and are just looking for help or information maybe one of these books on blogging may just be the help you are looking for.

  There are quite a few excellent books at about writing Blogs or Just getting started in writing Blogs. You can check out this link Books For Blogs or you can check out my amazon store below the posts.
  Thank You for reading.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


  What are the best advertisements to place on your blog. After doing some research I mostly read that the advertisements should be made according to what your blog is about. So that is the rule that I generally follow on my blogs. But rules were made to be broken or so they say. I have a few blogs that cover a wide variety of items. With that said I tend to try and gear the ads to the current post. In other words if my post is about Ham Radio I place Ads and links in the post for Amazon and Ebay according to what the post is about. I may also change the Amazon Ads and Ebay Ads off the side of the posts to represent what the current post is about. I do have a Amazon Store below the post that pretty much covers the Blog idea and that way items are usually geared so the customer could search for whatever they choose.

Friday, February 13, 2015

How To Start A Blog


  The first question I had when I read about blogging I decided I wanted to start blogging. The question we all have is how to start a blog. After searching on the internet I found websites about using Google Blogger. After going to their main page I wasn't sure exactly what to do. What I did was to go to youtube and look up Google Blogger and found various youtube videos on how to get started with Google blogger. To my surprise it was actually very easy. The hardest part was trying to decide on what to blog about. I did look into wordpress, but decided not to use it due to not being able to monetize it with Amazon Associates, Ebay Network or anything else. There was only a one type of monetizing on the free wordpress called wordads, so I decided not to go with it. Maybe at a later time if I could afford a paid wordpress account I may change. For now Google Blogger is working just fine.

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