Monday, January 12, 2015

What Is A Blog

                                                                  WHAT IS A BLOG 

   I was looking back at my posts and I realized that I never talked about what is a blog. I was talking to my kids and they asked what is a blog. Well my easiest explanation is that a blog can be anything you like and want to write about.
It can be your favorite hobby or about current events in the world we live in. It can be personal or it can be funny, because we all know we all love to laugh. There are blogs that are meant to help people with many things. It can be about repairing laptops, desktop computers, printers, ham radios or anything electronic. You could write a blog about animals or maybe your favorite animal. There are blogs where someone is writing about a job they do such as being a wedding photographer or just a hobby photographer where you take pictures just because you enjoy it. So basically just think of something that interests you and start writing about it. Don't try and write a huge number of posts right away. Just write maybe once a week or once a month. Basically it is whatever makes you comfortable. Sometimes I get a thought and I just start writing about it and the ideas begin to flow. You will find that it seems to become easier as you go along. Yes there will be dry spells and then all of the sudden the dam breaks and you just can't stop writing. My advise is don't just make your blog about making money. People will see that and your blog will become unimportant and uninteresting. People will just go away and it will slowly fade away. Now there is nothing wrong with putting various ads on your blog, just don't over do it. Maybe write five or six blogs and spread out the ads on your blog. This way you can test what ads seem to do better.
  So What Is A Blog, well it's whatever you want to make it.
  Thank You for reading and have fun.

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