Thursday, January 1, 2015

Using Clickbank On My Blogs


                     Clickbank Review | How to Make Money with Clickbank

   I came across Clickbank while on the internet. I did some looking around the internet to see what reviews were like. You do have to be very careful these days due to the many scams that are out there. I did find that according to the many reviews that clickbank is not a scam by any means. In fact there were many reviews and videos that gave it a pretty good rating. Here is a pretty good link to information about clickbank . Here is another website with some interesting information .Of course you will find the many other reviews that indicate not good things to say about clickbank. It seems to me that you do have to watch what you promote, because you never know if they are a scam of some sort. So use you best judgement when deciding on what to promote. If you choose an item as affiliate to promote check out the website of that product. If it looks very poorly done or seems to promise the world I would steer clear of it.

                      How to Create a Link Directly to A Clickbank Product's Order Page (in HD)                                                                                            by Terry Leigh Britton

  With clickbank you can are an affiliate and you are not selling your own products. What I do is put a few of these ads on my various blogs. They are generally off to the right of the posts. I try to keep the product as close as possible as to what my blog is about. It may be something that could be very useful to the person reading my posts on my blog. You basically can see how much you may make if someone buys the product that you are promoting. You do not earn anything if someone just clicks on the ad. No they have to purchase the product and then you make a commission. The one think I like is you can see how popular an item is by the gravity rating. There is also quite a bit of good information on the product as well.
                                How To Make Money With Clickbank step by step AWESOME!!                                                                                            by WalkingDeadFanPage

  There are some good ways of using clickbank to try and get good traffic to your website or blog. I would suggest to use Google Ad Words and the Keyword Tool to determine how popular the promoting website is.  If it has a rating of no less that 5000 visitors a month then it may be a good choice. I would also check out the gravity number at clickbank and make sure it is not less than 50. This way you can determine that people are interested in it. I would also make sure that it has a commission of nothing less that say $20 dollars. If you choose less that that is up to you. I would use the popular keywords and keyword phrases from Google Ad Words Keyword Tool. This way the web crawlers will find your website and give your blog a better chance of getting good traffic.
                              How To Make Money at Home with Legitimate Work at Home ClickBank Proof!                                                                                            by WalkingDeadFanPage

  There are plenty of good videos to watch on youtube about clickbank. I have found that there are some people with foreign accents. This in itself is not a problem, but pay close attention to what they are saying as I have found it may be a little difficult to understand what they are saying. Now at clickbank there are some helpful tutorials that will help you as well. It is very easy to sigh up for clickbank. You will have to input you information into the form and they will send a confirmation email. It's all that simple to sigh up for clickbank and most of all it is free. It is basically just another way to possibly earn some extra cash being an affiliate marketer on the internet. Here is a link to their website to sign up for your account .
  Thank You for reading and Happy New Years !!!!!

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