Saturday, January 31, 2015

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Videos


  I am always looking around the internet for videos on how to get traffic to your blog. I have found quite a variety of different videos on how to get the traffic to your blog. The only problem I have found is that some of these videos may just be spamming videos. In other words someone is putting out a video just to sell their product. They always seem to be very legit at first and then they reel in the fish once it's on the hook. In other words they suddenly are offering something usually as a book to purchase. This is the oldest trick in the book and it is used by places of business everywhere. It is called bait and switch and it is an illegal tactic.
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  So my advise is look for the videos that give good information on how to get traffic to your blog or website. I have watched many of these videos on youtube where the person in the video seems to be a typical sales person. Alot of times they will talk very fast and may use big words. Just because it sounds like a good idea does not mean it is. It's funny when I watch some of these blog traffic videos it reminds me of an old Brady Bunch Television Show where Greg was buying a car from someone and it was a piece of junk. His father Mr Brady told him all about Guiding The Lilly. You may be able to find it on youtube. It's funny how those old television shows taught us so many good lessons in life. It's too bad not everyone follows those good lessons.
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   I do find that these videos on getting traffic to your blog fall into a few different categorizes. First you have the straight right to the point video. Next you have the person who tells you their life story. Another favorite is the get rich quick scheme and then you have the opposite where they tell you this is not a quick get rich method. They also let you know it is going to take time and effort on your part. These are the videos that are telling the truth and the ones you should pay attention to. Another video in this category are the ones that gives lists of the various ways of getting traffic to your blog. Some may have 5, 10 or many ways to get the traffic to your blog or your website. I saw one of these videos where they were giving the 100 ways to get the traffic to your blog.
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   So if you are not seeing much traffic at your blog and you want to get the traffic to your blog do a search on youtube. I am sure that you will find plenty of good videos on getting the traffic. Besides the videos there are also plenty of good websites with lots of free information on getting the traffic to your blog. Just remember that it follows the same path that the youtube videos do. Not everything is as it seems so always keep your wits about you. You intuition will go a long way.
  Thank You for reading and work on that traffic to your blog.

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