Friday, December 19, 2014

Some Of The Top Money Making Blogs On The Internet

  There are quite a few different Blogs out there that make quite a bit of money. What I see is that it takes time and effort to make a popular blog. Your popular blog will then make money. Well that's not always true, you see you have to get the people to like what you promote. That way they will purchase what you are promoting. The best thing I can say is be honest in what you are promoting. That is why in the blogs I write I try to make my posts on products that I know about. It may be a hobby or what I have done in the past or what I do in the present.

  There also seems to be a sweet spot in the number of words that will pull in traffic. According to what I read a post with 2000 to 5000 words seems to attract traffic. That is the more content on the internet the more people may find your blog. If the content is interesting and helpful people will come back to see whats new. I would try to make your posts somewhere between three to five good paragraphs. I do think that the more you write the easier it will become to make your posts large enough to get that traffic. Sometimes I will just hit a subject and the words and ideas will just begin to flow.
  So what are some of the popular blogs sites out there you may be asking. Well below you will find a list of the top popular 25 blogs. Now my advise is to go to those blogs and see what they look like. See how they are set up and get an idea of how to layout a good blog. Then take and think of your blog and improve on it. Look at how they advertise and how they layout their ads on their blog. Pay attention to color schemes and how sizes of the ads change. Pay attention to the words they use in their posts. Generally these words are key words that come up very often in searches on the internet. So check out the list and the websites.
                                                                          DAILY         BLOGS               HOW THE
BLOG SITE                 BLOG OWNER       INCOME          VALUE               BLOG ADVERTISES

The Huffington PostArianna Huffington     $30,000      $21.82 Million   Pay Per Click
MashablePete Cashmore     $16,000      $11.52 Million   Advertising Banners
TechcrunchMichael Arrington     $15,000       $10.82 Million   Advertising Banners
EngadgetPeter Rojas      $10,000      $7.2 Million   Advertising Banners
Smashing MagazineVitaly Friedman      $6,000      $4.66 Million   Advertising Banners
Tuts+Collis Taeed     $5,000      $3.7 Million   Membership Area
Life HackerNick Denton     $5,000      $3.52 Million   Advertising Banners
GizmodoAttila Talos       $4,000      $2.86 Million   Advertising Banners
Perez HiltonMario Lavandeira     $4,000      $2.66 Million   Advertising Banners
JoystiqAOL     $2,000      $1.28 Million   CPM Advertising
ProbloggerDarren Rowse     $2,000      $1.28 Million   Advertising Banners
KotakuNick Denton     $1,600      $1.17 Million   Advertising Banners
Six RevisionsJacob Gube     $1,600        $1.16 Million   Advertising Banners
NoupeNoupe     $1,400      $1.02 Million   Advertising Banners
Venture BeatMatt Marshall     $1,200      $913,721   Pay Per Click
CopyBloggerBrian Clark     $1,200      $864,861   Affiliate Sales
AbduzeedoFabio Sasso     $1000      $718,239   Advertising Banners
Talking Points MemoJoshua Marshall     $900      $647,750   Advertising Banners
WPBeginnerSyed Balkhi     $700      $505,420     Affiliate Sales
Matt CuttsMatt Cutts     $0.00      $488,944   Twitter
Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina     $660      $485,024   Pay Per Click
Slash GearEwdison Then     $620      $453,999   Pay Per Click
Smart Passive IncomePat Flynn     $600      $443,406  Affiliate Sales
John ChowJohn Chow     $600      $405,242  Affiliate Sales
Freelance SwitchCollis Ta’eed     $500      $389,517  Membership Area

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