Sunday, December 28, 2014

How Many Ads On Your Blog Are Too Many

  When I started blogging I read what Google Adsense allowed and what they recommended. I felt from the beginning that I did not want to draw too much attention to the ads on my blogs. I wanted there to be some so that if someone is interested they can click on the ad and check it out. Some of the ads I put on my blogs are associated with what the current post is about. I do after awhile remove those ads as I write more posts. There are some occasions where I have tried either using a larger ad size like 120 x 600 where multiple items show up. These can be with either Ebay or Amazon, but as far as Google Adsense goes they are just click type ads. I have also tried smaller types ads or just ads that will fit on the right side of the posts.
      How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post | Wordpress how to tutorials Part 25 - Youtube                                                                                        by Ingenious Solutions

  Google Adsense only allows to that three ads on a blog at one time. So what I generally do is have one banner ad between the posts and two ads to the right of the posts. I did at one time have ads on both the left and right of the posts, but I felt that this was too distracting to the reader. So I took and set the layout with ads and information only on the right side of the posts. This way as the person reads from left to right they may notice the ads and not be over whelmed with any ads. I have also tried another click type ad by Chitka. I did some searching on the internet for click type ads that seemed to work and were legitimate. So I have been trying them out on my blogs, but have not seen too much as of yet. The key is to get the traffic to your blog so people may click on an ad.
                                        How to Make Money With Google AdSense                                                                                                by Greg Davis

  So if you want to try and get the traffic to your blog make sure to use good keywords and good keyword phrases within your posts. This way the web crawlers will show your posts and blogs in the search results. That way you have a better chance of getting readers to your blog. More traffic means more chances of someone clicking on an ad or looking at the items you may be writing about. So remember not to use too many ads on your blogs. Another thought is to space out your ads along your posts. Maybe use some gadgets or other information on the side of the posts that may relate to your blog itself. I do have some amazon stores below my posts. These amazon stores have items that are related to my blogs. I try not to put any other amazon ads on the right of the posts. I leave that open for the Ebay ads and Google Adsense Ads or other Click Ads.
  Some people say don't put ads on your blogs right away. Then there are others that say yes put some ads in your blogs as soon as you are starting your blogs. I feel that it certainly does not hurt to put some ads up as soon as you start blogging. I just would not overload the blog with ads. I would keep it at a minimum. I had tried putting a banner ad right under the main title of the blog, but I removed it because I felt it was putting too much attention on the ad and not the post. I wondered if readers were turned off by this and that is why I removed it. Basically the best thing to do is experiment with types of ads and placement of the ads on your blog or blogs. Whatever gets the best results for you I say go with it and have fun.
  Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays. 

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