Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Don't Stop, Try New Things With Your Blog

My motto is don't give up the ship. Try new things with your blog. Look around the internet and see what other people are doing. Seeing what others are doing may spark some new ideas to try. I am not saying copy someone else. I am saying look at what someone did and then expand on it with your own ideas. You never know one simple change may change everything with your blog.

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   In other words don't be afraid to try a new layout of your blog for example. Try placing your ads in different places on your blog. Change sizes of your ads and ad pages. I know that Google will advise on certain sizes, but try something and monitor it to see if anything changes. That is one of the nice things with the blog. Mix the post with pictures, videos and high light some words or sentences. Make various words different colors, bold different words so they stand out. You can even underline different words so they stand out.
  You always need to be thinking what would catch my attention looking at a blog. In other words what thing stop me and get me to read something. Don't get lazy either and let the blog go stale. I find that all of the sudden I get a thought for a post in one of my blogs and I just start typing. Sometimes I may be watching something on television or just something during the day sticks in my head so I start writing. I may get stuck, so I get away from it for a few days and then I start typing and the thoughts start flowing. I try to generally write one post a month, but many times I get a thought and I just go for it.
  Don't worry too much about what others think. I hear people say things all the time, but I just let it go in one ear and out the other. I have had occasions where I wrote two or three posts and then other times I don't write anything for a week. Once again my advise is never give up with your blog. Just learn to have fun with it. So keep working on your blog and let the thoughts flow.
  Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays.

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