Sunday, December 28, 2014

How Many Ads On Your Blog Are Too Many

  When I started blogging I read what Google Adsense allowed and what they recommended. I felt from the beginning that I did not want to draw too much attention to the ads on my blogs. I wanted there to be some so that if someone is interested they can click on the ad and check it out. Some of the ads I put on my blogs are associated with what the current post is about. I do after awhile remove those ads as I write more posts. There are some occasions where I have tried either using a larger ad size like 120 x 600 where multiple items show up. These can be with either Ebay or Amazon, but as far as Google Adsense goes they are just click type ads. I have also tried smaller types ads or just ads that will fit on the right side of the posts.
      How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post | Wordpress how to tutorials Part 25 - Youtube                                                                                        by Ingenious Solutions

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

  I just simply wanted to say Thank You to all my readers and MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Some Of The Top Money Making Blogs On The Internet

  There are quite a few different Blogs out there that make quite a bit of money. What I see is that it takes time and effort to make a popular blog. Your popular blog will then make money. Well that's not always true, you see you have to get the people to like what you promote. That way they will purchase what you are promoting. The best thing I can say is be honest in what you are promoting. That is why in the blogs I write I try to make my posts on products that I know about. It may be a hobby or what I have done in the past or what I do in the present.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Don't Stop, Try New Things With Your Blog

My motto is don't give up the ship. Try new things with your blog. Look around the internet and see what other people are doing. Seeing what others are doing may spark some new ideas to try. I am not saying copy someone else. I am saying look at what someone did and then expand on it with your own ideas. You never know one simple change may change everything with your blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keep Your Blog Ads In Time With The Seasons

  Sometimes one thing I have been trying to do is keep my blog ads in time with the seasons. In other words if it were summer I try to use ads with products associated with summer. For example items such as water slides, pools or some water related product. In October I tried to use items that had to do with Halloween, such as costumes. Christmas time in December is a little different. There are so many products I try to make them more of a popular items such an an electronic item. There are of course plenty of items that can be used all year round, but I like to go with the seasons.
  This was just a small post, Happy Holidays !!!! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What Should I Blog About


     Whenever I talk to someone about writing a blog they always respond with I don't know what I would write a blog about. My answer is write about your favorite hobby, something you like or something that makes you happy. The nice thing about the blog is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It does not have to be anything perfect. It can be your own thoughts on various subjects. Most of all make it fun, because if you don't you will probably get bored with it and stop.
  So yes my advise is to make it fun. You never know you may just end of being the person with the most popular blog on the internet. Try to keep your subjects of your posts up to date. In other words do some research on your subjects on the internet. Also make sure what you blog about is honest. If you write about something that is not true people will see right through you. Always write the truth about your subject. That honesty is what will keep people coming back for more.


     When writing your posts on your blog use the internet. The internet is an excellent abundance or wealth of information. I would look for stories on the internet to get good ideas to write from. Never just copy someone else s work. If you are using something from some one make sure you can use it, place it in quotations "" and always give the person the credit for writing it. I use creative commons quite a bit for information that I use in my posts. These are not copy write protected and are free to use. Sometimes I will get videos to use or maybe various pictures to use in my posts. Creative commons can be found at this link . If you use Google images  make sure to set the filter to pictures that can be reused and modified.
  So just remember to have fun with your blog. Helping people with a given subject or just giving information about a subject is what we should be doing. Honesty Is The Best Policy and that is my what I believe. Remember if you have to lie about what you are doing, then there is something wrong with what you are doing. Believe me I have seen many people who seem to be a salesperson means it is ok to lie because it's your job. I believe they are just fooling themselves and what goes around comes around. My mother always said liars need good memories.
  Thank You for reading.

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