Saturday, November 1, 2014

Using Ebay Partner Network On My Blog For Earning Money

  The second way of earning some money on my blog by using Ebay Partner Network. The Ebay Partner Network is another ad related type of monetizing your blog. Basically you place ads in different types and sizes of blocks or banners on your blog. They can pretty much be anywhere on your blog. It has been found that the ads do the best on the sides of the posts. They do better from what I have heard on the right side of the post. This apparently because people read from left to right. Also the bigger the  ad the more it will catch the readers eyes. I have not been able to place a picture of the item in the blog as a link the way that I can with Amazon Associates. So what I tend to do is place a link in a keyword or keyword phrase associated with the item or items I would like to direct the reader to see. For example here is a link that I may use Ham Radio Equipment. Just click on the link with your mouse. All these items are also associated with the topic of the post. Here is a link to a video on youtube for setting up a Ebay Partner Network


 Once again I would stress that my main goal of the blog is not to earn money or a living. This is only an added addition to the blog and another way of attracting people to the website blog. My main goal is to give any information, help or guidance that may help someone. Also to share things that I have done in the past, present and maybe the future. These may give someone an interest in one of the hobbies that I have such as Ham Radio, Guitars, Photography etc..... Helping others in any way you can is what this world is all about.
  If you are interested in signing up with the Ebay Partner Network here is a link to their website
I would also let you know that there are many different websites with tutorials on working with Ebay Partner Network as well as Amazon Associates. Also remember that it takes time for traffic to build up on your blog. The more post that you write, the more content will be out on the internet and the more traffic may find its way to your blog. Also one of the best ways to get traffic is also with the use of keywords. These are common words that people use when searching on the internet with web search sites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google Adwords is an excellent place to find keywords and keyword phrases.
  I have been using the Ebay Partner Network for about a year now. I have earned some money, but not very much. It all depends on traffic and if someone decides to purchase something from Ebay while they are on your blog. That is why I use the link to a particular webpage, because the person may decide to purchase something other than what I showed on my blog in the post. Variety is the spice of life or so they say. Also remember to direct your readers to other websites that may provide more information than you have. Remember my belief is to Help and Help Some more. You can see one of the ads from ebay on the side of the blogs post. Click on it and see where is goes. If you are looking for information on setting up the Ebay Partner Network for you blog just use Google as the search and type in how to set up an Ebay Partner Network and choose videos. You will find a wide variety of choices. You will most likely see positive and negative websites and videos. My advise is try it out, but Give it time.
  Thank You for reading and I hope this information is helpful. 

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