Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Placing An Amazon Store On Your Blog

   Recently one thing I am trying is placing an Amazon Store on my blog. It is a fairly new feature from Amazon Associates. It looks like a web store where you can display different products that are associated with the content of your blog. For example on my Ham Radio Blog I have various Ham Radios and other Ham Radio Equipment. The products can be added and saved in a shopping cart. It is done through Amazon.com, but looks like a web store that you may see on someones website. There is a picture of the item, the price and maybe a short description of the item.
This an example of what one of my Amazon aStores looks like
   The picture above is what the aStore looks like on my blog. I guess time will have to tell on whether it chases people away or becomes popular. I like it because I do not have to put a bunch of ads all over the place and clutter up the blog. Besides I do not want anyone to think my blog is just about selling items. The ads for Ebay, Amazon, Adsense and Chitika are mainly for people to choose if they want to. Also they can go to Amazon and get some good information on the different types of products associated with Ham Radio for example. The main part of my Blog is to provide some kind of information that may be helpful or interesting to whoever is reading one of my Blogs.
  My advise is that after you have signed up for Amazon Associates wait until you build up some traffic. Then I would set up an Amazon aStore for the type of products that you may be writing or blogging about. You can adjust sizes, controls and the desired products that may want to try and sell. I generally look for the products that have good reviews and good prices. That way I am trying to give as much help as I can to the people reading my blogs.
  Well That's all for know so Thank You for reading.

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