Saturday, November 15, 2014

Other Ways Of Monetizing Your Blog


  There are plenty of other ways to monetize your blog. One is by using social media such as twitter and facebook. I will sometimes put out a tweet on twitter about a post on my blog. This is then linked to my facebook page so it puts it there as well. I have found that when I do this traffic seems to pick up. I have also gotten more followers on twitter that way. The more people follow you the more your information is out on the internet. More traffic to your blog site may mean more clicks on advertisements as well as whatever else you are advertising.
  Now there are other types of social media out there besides twitter and facebook. One thing I have tried is placing a social media gadget. Another way of earning some money is buy selling a product that you have made. For example if you are building Ham Radio Antennas you could advertise those. One idea is that if you have a website where you are selling your products, you could place a link to your website to direct traffic there as well.

   In the video above solo ads seems to be a way of getting lots of traffic to your website blog. The only problem that I have read about is there are a lot of scams with this. Here is a link to a website about it . Here is another website with plenty of information on the scams involved in solo ads . So be very careful with lots of unbelievable ways of making money. One way to avoid the scam is if they want you to pay money it's probably a scam. With this type of monetizing the person in the video instructs you to set up an email specifically for this. I work as a computer technician and more than likely there will be a lot of spam. Also a lot of the emails may also be infected spreading computer viruses. So my advise is to use a computer where if you have to wipe out the system due to a bad computer infection you will not lose much. You could use an external hard drive for a back up drive or back up to the cloud.
  There are a variety of different click type ads you can place on your blog. My advise is to check them out first, because there are plenty of SCAMS out there. I have found that going on youtube I can find lots of different videos on monetizing your blog. What I would suggest is to look at all the comments that people write. I have seen where someone recommends another way of monetizing your blog. You do have to be careful, because some of them are scams just to get you to a certain website. Here is a link to a website with some good information . What I do also is when searching with Google I use the word legitimate and that sometimes help weed out the scam sites. Here are a couple of links to some websites and .
  Thank You for reading and avoid the scams.

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