Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Make An EBook To Sell On Your Blog

  I have been looking around to see what other bloggers are doing to make some money with their blog and I see people making E-Books to sell. Generally they don't sell for a large amount of money. If you write enough to have a good variety the money may add up over time. It could just another added feature to the blog you already have. It seems that the more variables you provide to your readers the more your blog will become popular. As far as I see it any idea is a good idea for you to attract people to your blog.
  There plenty of places to learn about how to write your first e-book.  I found at a pretty good tutorial on how to write your first ebook. Here is a link to the website . There are also websites that are courses for writing e-books. Here is a link to a website with plenty of videos for learning to write ebooks . Here is another link to an e-book course with videos . As you can see there are plenty of good free websites on the internet.
 Below are a few videos I came across on youtube about ebooks. Of course there are plenty of other videos out there to watch and learn from. All it takes is your time. Who knows this may be your lucky day and make an unbelievable blog.

                             Intro to How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free
                                                                   by Jason Matthews



                  MLA Style Works Cited List: Citing eBooks

  What it comes down to is writing an E-Book to place on your blog is whatever you want to do. I myself would recommend that you make the subject of your e book reflect what your blog is about. In other words make it relevant to your blog. Most of all my advise is have fun with it, because that is what makes it worth reading.
  Thank You for reading.

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