Friday, November 21, 2014

Just Remember It Takes Time For Your Blog To Become Popular

  Just as the title of the post says it takes time for your blog to become popular. Most of my blogs only get a few people a day. In fact my Ham Radio Blog started to become more popular when I had 45 to 50 posts. Basically the more content you put out on the internet the more traffic you will get. So my advise is make sure your posts are associated in some way to your blog title.
  Also make sure that any ads you put on your blog whether they are with Ebay or Amazon have something to do with your blog itself. If you write posts that have nothing to do with your blog title people will most likely wander away. Also make sure to put those keywords in there that Google and other web searchers will look for. The more keywords you use the better the chances that someone will find your site. Make sure they also can leave comments. If anyone leaves a comment looking for a response make sure to try and respond. That way people know you care about what you write and that you are about your readers. Get the good word out and not the bad word.
  By all means make sure you are enjoying what you write. There is nothing worse than reading something and feeling that the person did not even care or want to write something. Also remember to try and think of a subject that is also popular today. That way you will have a better chance of getting traffic. Try to write a blog where you are helping someone with some kind of subject. I do that all day when I am working on computers. I search Google for people that have had similar problems. Usually I will find someone that has had the same problem and they provide a way to repair whatever it is. Talk about what you love and what is special to you. Helping people is what we should be doing.
  Thank You for reading and all comments are welcome.  

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