Friday, November 28, 2014

How To Get That Traffic To Your Blog

One of the most important parts of your blog is getting the traffic to your blog. If you don't the traffic then you don't have the possibility of getting clicks on your links and ads. If know one comes to your blog then you won't make any sales off amazon or ebay or whatever ads you may place on it. So the main point is attraction to your blog. Remember to use plenty of good keywords and good keyword sentences. That way you can get your blog posts seen on the web.
  Okay so you are most likely asking yourself how do I get the traffic. Well there are quite a few different ways of getting the traffic to your blog. First make sure you keep up with writing posts as often as possible. They don't necessarily have to be long winded posts either. In fact I would not make them too long, because the reader may get bored, leave and not come back. Make the subject relevant to your site. Write posts that may help someone solve a problem. For example say you are blogging about computer repair or virus cleaning. Try and give them the steps to take care of these problems. Make sure to provide plenty of pictures, videos and links to websites you have found that can provide further help. Maybe you can do a video on building a project such as a ham radio antenna. The ideas are just endless and are all yours to do and have fun with.
  Also remember to use social media to spread the word about your blog. If you write a post put it on twitter with the web address and also link it to facebook. There are other social media sights as well. In other words get the word out. You can also join various communities on Google. Especially ones associated with you blog idea. That way people may spread the word to others. It is okay to join other Google communities, because you never know whose interest you may get. Also use some humor in your blog writing as well. Everybody loves to laugh, it's healthy for you and it keeps people awake.
  There are many different websites with tons of information on how to get traffic to your blog. The best thing to do is do a search with Google on how to get traffic to you blog and I am sure you will be amazed at how many websites there are out on the internet. You can also find videos on youtube on how to get traffic to your website. Try writing reviews on products associated with your blog and provide some good technical information. Most of all be honest, because honesty is the best policy.
  That's all for now so Thank You for reading.

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