Saturday, November 8, 2014

Google Adsense For Your Blog

                              How to Make Money With Google AdSense
                                                        by Greg Davis

  The third way to try and earn some money from your blog is with Google Adsense. Before you are accepted to Google Adsense you need to have a good amount of content. If I remember right I had about 10 posts and then I had enough content. Google Adsense finally accepted me and then I put some ads on my blog. You can only have up to three ads on a blog. So my question was where should I place the Ads and what size ad should I use.

                   How to Create Google Adsense Account Tutorial - Step by Step
                                                         by M. Farid Lutfi

  I did some research online to find out what places on your blog usually get the best results. They say to use a large ad size such as 160 x 600. They say to place the ad on the right side of the page because people read from left to right. That way as someone reads your blog they see the ad as their eyes end at the right. The main thing is to have enough content so Google will set up ads that are in context with your blog. I have had some ads that have nothing to do with my blogs, but after having more posts which means more content the ads seem to be associated with the subject.

 How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post | Wordpress how to tutorials Part 25 - Youtube                               
                                                              by Ingenious Solutions

  I am sure everyone wants to know do you make a lot of money from this or any at all. Well to be honest I have only made a few dollars. I have to laugh a little when I look at it, but who knows it may pick up when the blog becomes more popular. I guess it keeps me occupied and off the streets. Working with Google adsense is not difficult at all. In fact it has been very easy to place the ads on the blog page. I have experimented with placing banner ads at the top of the blog and in between the posts. I have tried placing different size ads on the left and right of the posts. In my case it really has not made much of a difference.
  I have placed three videos above that may give some help in understanding Google Adsense. My advise is to go on youtube and search for videos on Google Adsense. Popular topics are what is Google Adsense, How to set up Google Adsense and where to place Ads in your Blogs. It can be for wordpress, blogger or whatever you are using. Here are a few links that may help and . I hope this information is helpful.
  Thank You for reading and any comments are welcomed.

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