Friday, October 31, 2014

Tips On Using Amazon Associates

  I just thought I would give some tips on how I use Amazon Associates. It really is very simple to use, but you do have to think about what type of ads you use and where you place them on your blog layout. I have tried placing them in both the left and right columns. I have also tried placing a banner ad in the top just under the header. Another place to put a banner ad is between the posts on your blog. You should also consider the size of the ad especially where you place it. Here is a video below on how to sign up for amazon associates.

                                   Opening an Amazon Affiliate Account                                                                                  by John Lagoudakis       
  They say that the size ad that does the best with Amazon is 160 x 600. The 160 is the width and the 600 is the length. Now I have tried a number of different sizes. Some are square and some are rectangles. I believe the idea of the bigger ad being better is a good choice and makes sense. It tends to catch the readers eye. This may in fact get more clicks. I have tried using the type of ads where they keep changing the item with a fade out or the window just scrolls. The other thing that I do is place a picture of the item or items in the post that are actually links to the item for sale at amazon. I also have a phrase about the item and make it a link to an amazon webpage with the item as well as other items in the given category. I do find that these two choices get me more clicks than others.
  One way of getting more traffic to your blog is by using keywords or keyword phrases in your blog. There are some websites that generate keywords for you to use on your blog. I use Google Ad Words and best of all it is free. There are some keyword websites, but they tend to have a fee involved. With Google Ad Words all you do is sign up and then find the Ad Words and Phrases. Some will have a higher number for the traffic. I would check out the videos below and check out youtube for more.


                                                 Google Keywords for Blog
                                                         by Communicateson

  Just a couple of reminders. First you do not get accepted with amazon associates until someone buys something. It is best to get your blog going with lots of content. Also remember it does take time to build up traffic to your blog. So my advise is don't get upset and quit. Remember it takes time and effort on your part, so just have fun. Make some friends along the way too with Google accounts.
  Another way of selling some items is to set up the Amazon Store or as it is called Astore. You basically choose what items you want to sell and it simulates a web store with a shopping cart. So as you will see you can set up banners, links to pages and widgets for whatever items you want to sell or maybe just one item. Here are some links to some of my blogs if you want to see how I set them up.

  As you can see I have plenty to keep me busy. Just remember this is not a get rich scheme. Just put you time and effort into it and over time who knows what will happen. If you are interested in becoming an amazon associate her is a link to the website There are plenty of videos on youtube to watch and learn about amazon associates. There are also plenty of tutorials on the internet where you can learn about how to set up a good blog and use amazon associates.
  Well Thank You for reading and I hope this is helpful. 

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