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Tips On Using Amazon Associates

I just thought I would give some tips on how I use Amazon Associates. It really is very simple to use, but you do have to think about what type of ads you use and where you place them on your blog layout. I have tried placing them in both the left and right columns. I have also tried placing a banner ad in the top just under the header. Another place to put a banner ad is between the posts on your blog. You should also consider the size of the ad especially where you place it. Here is a video below on how to sign up for amazon associates.

Opening an Amazon Affiliate Account                                                                                  byJohn Lagoudakis       
  They say that the size ad that does the best with Amazon is 160 x 600. The 160 is the width and the 600 is the length. Now I have tried a number of different sizes. Some are square and some are rectangles. I believe the idea of the bigger ad being better is a good choice and makes sense. It tends to catch t…

How To Make Money With Your Blog

I started blogging about a year ago and I love it. I have about eight different blogs at this time. For myself I have a couple different reasons why I like to blog. First I happened to read about blogging and how I might make some extra money. Everyone can always use some pocket change. Who knows your blog may become popular and you might make a good amount of money. The money part of things is just a part of what I do.
  As for me I like to share different things that are important to me. Some of these things are form my past and some from the present. Some are sort of a personal part of my like, while others are just hobbies of mine. Some of my blogs are about My Faith, Ham Radio, Linux and Ham Radio, Photography, Music, Electronic Component Repair, Toys, Where To Find Things Online and of course Wrestling. So as you see I have a real variety of things to write about.
  What I prefer to do is try to write at least one post a month. At first I tried to write as much as I could so I…