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Even though the title of the blog is how to make money blogging. My goal is not to make money. No my goal is to help anyone who would like to monetize their blogs with any information I have learned or found.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Work From Home In 2017

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 Everyone is out there trying to make money from home in 2017. Yes trying to get those extra dollars is still popular and in today's ever rising prices we need it. Hey in my job I have been there for about 15 years and I have not had a raise. Yes they make various promises and come up with incentive plans that seem to favor various people. So are there any ways to make money from home that work ? The answer is yes, but it takes time on your part.
 The one way as I have said before is by using your computer and learning affiliate marketing. First watch lots of videos on youtube and learn all you can about affiliate marketing. Just be careful, some people are promoting a certain website and they try to hook you to it. There are however many excellent videos and websites that have good legitimate information for you to learn from.
 So the first thing to do is buy a good computer and get on the internet. Second sign up with wix or weebly and make some free websites to start out with. Then search the internet for websites that are popular to see how they set up their sites to pull in the traffic. I would suggest using social media like twitter and facebook to promote your websites. Just don't go overboard or you will be hit with spamming and taken off. Make sure to promote things that are popular like taking surveys to make money. Yes there are some legitimate survey websites out there.
 As I have said before remember it takes time and nobody really gets rich overnight, so stick with it to obtain your goal.


Monday, February 27, 2017

How To Make Money Blogging

 Well it's 2017 and there are still tons of people out here in the internet blogging. Almost everyone of us will be monetizing our blogs in one way or another. If you ask me do I make tons of money off my blogs, the answer to that would be no. Yes that is true I do not make much money, but I do the satisfaction of possibly helping someone in one way or another.
 I have a number of different free websites that I created with wix.com and weebly.com . I am getting some traffic to those sights and that's okay. I feel it's all a learning process. I know I can hold my head up high and truly same I am being nothing but honest. Who knows maybe one day I may just create that one website that people just love and will keep coming back for more.
 The main object is to write a blog or make a website on a subject you are familiar with. When you do this most of the time you won't have any problem with writing your blog. It's funny when you search for a video on a subject such as learning seo or search engine optimization you will see tons of videos. Some of them will be just out to get you to buy into some website to get tons of traffic. It is okay if you have the money and want to go that route. For myself, my funds are limited and I will stick to the way I am and have been writing my blogs.
 Thanks For stopping by and never give up.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How To Get Traffic To Your Wix And Weebly Websites

SEO or Search Engine Optimization Equals More Traffic
 Yes once again the topic of getting traffic to your website comes up. If you are using wix.com or weebly.com you need to develop the various ways of getting the traffic. Remember the more traffic the more possibilities of making some money. This can be in the way of things like google adsense ads or other clickable ads. It also applies to using amazon affiliate and ebay affiliate with ads or maybe setting up an amazon astore on your website. Yes there are plenty of ways to make money on the internet, so take the time to learn.
 So you can get traffic by using social media like facebook or twitter. I use these methods and I do see an increase in traffic, but remember to try and target what your niche is about. Also remember your main goal should be to help the reader in some way. Putting out too many tweets may look like spamming and the result will be a decrease in web traffic to your site.
 The other popular way of getting traffic is by ranking high in google. This way you may end up being seen by people right away. If your content is good you will most likely attract lots of traffic. So with wix and weebly for example seo or search engine optimization takes place in different areas. First in your website title or post title if you are blogging. The second place is in the description that shows up on googles search page. This can also apply to yahoo and many other web browsers. You can also place keywords in the seo choices, which will help the web crawlers find you. Also remember to use keywords in titles on your web-page as well as in information for pictures on your website.
 There are other ways to get traffic, such as by commenting on other blogs or web sites. Just remember to make your comment relevant to the blog post or website, otherwise you may get banned by google for spamming. Always keep the reader in mind and never take advantage of them. My advice is to check out the information that Wix and Weebly provide, because it will help you in the long run.

                         Take The Time To Learn About Wix.com

Saturday, December 24, 2016

How To Monetize A Blog Without Adsense

 It seems as though most of us want to put adsense ads on our blogs. Well the truth is you don't to put them on your blog unless you want to. I would advise leaving them off until your blog picks up in traffic. You see if you don't have the traffic who is going to click on the ad. You yourself can not click on the ad or you will be dropped from adsense.
 So what kind of ads should you put on your fairly new blog. I would suggest that you could put a amazon affiliate ad on your blog or a amazon astore if you are trying to sell some kind of product. Once again all sales revolve around the traffic. So your main concern should be twofold. First concentrate on writing really good content that has to do with your blog. Second work on getting your blog seen, so people may come and see your blog. Once traffic flow is achieved, them maybe add one or two adsense ads to your blog if you desire.
 You see these types of ads are click type ads. In other words you make money when someone clicks on the ad. So therefore no traffic equals no clicks and no clicks equal no money. Besides your main goal of your blog should be to put out relevant content to help the reader in some way. Once readers see that you are trying to help them with good information, they will tell others and then the traffic will pick up.
 Now you can advertise your blog on various social networks like twitter and facebook. Just don't keep plastering it out there or you will get hit with spamming and you will lose your account. So maybe put out an interesting tweet and add your blog address. Maybe start a few facebook pages associated with your niche and put your website blog address on there with a post. Just remember is takes time unless you happen to be the lucky one, but that is few and far between.
 Thank You for stopping by and have fun.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Holidays Are Coming

 Sometimes you may have to base your blog or website at a certain time of the year. In other words if it thanksgiving pick items to sell based on thanksgiving. The next big holiday is obviously Christmas and that means lots of choices for gifts. I would suggest to see what is trending at places like amazon and ebay. Find a product that is similar to what you blog is about. For example if you are a survivalist put a few ads or links up for survivor type items. Just remember not to overload it.
 Another idea to try is to send out some rss feeds. Generally I look for the items that are closest to my wix and weebly websites. I create an rss feed with ebay and then send it out using something like Bitly. These are sent out on multiple twitter accounts at the same time. I also try to include my website addresses in the tweet. Just remember with twitter you only have so many characters to work with, so make it work for you. Also do not bombard twitter with lots of tweets or you may be removed due to spamming.
 Always remember to be mindful of your audience. In other words besides the links remember to put out some really good content. Maybe use your blog address to direct traffic back to your blog or website or both. Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays. 

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